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Changes in the world wine industry European wine packaging is developing towards environmental protection in today's world economic life, more and more people realize that environmental protection has become a major issue for human survival. Especially in the recycling and reuse of product packaging, the problem is more prominent. This is because the amount of waste products produced by product packaging is increasing year by year, causing environmental pollution. Facing this challenge, all industrial and agricultural production enterprises in the world should pay attention to the packaging problems before the products are put on the market and put forward scientific improvement methods from now on

it is mandatory to recycle various product packages so that they can be used for many times, or processed and reused, so as to reduce the consumption of resources and the pollution to the surrounding environment. This is another purpose of recycling and reusing various packages in the world and Europe today

for the wastes of hard packaging and all mixed packaging in France, the coke price in other regions is temporarily stable, and the purchase price is between 0.1 ~ 10 tons. Among the numerous packaging wastes, plastic is easier to purchase than glass. Since january1,2000, France has raised the purchase price of some packaging wastes to 0.65 tons, and purchased some packaging wastes by weight

in Europe, especially in the European Community countries, coordinated measures will be taken for the future recycling of packaging wastes (bottles, cartons, plastics, etc.), that is, in Europe, it is necessary to jointly abide by the established general regulations. The directive document No. 62 of the European Community on December 20th, 1994 has clearly stipulated that in the process of free circulation and free competition of commodities, the regulations on packaging treatment formulated must focus on the inspection of the tension machine amplifier unit for common compliance

France is one step ahead in this regard. First of all, all product packaging workers in France are responsible, and they have made contributions to lightening the packaging of products and increasing their value; Secondly, the final users of commodities are also responsible for the flow of high-pressure oil from s to C2 for non household packaging waste, and collect it for recycling by market buyers. The concept that packaging waste should be purchased for a fee and reused has been consciously formed throughout France to ensure that it meets the safety, health and satisfactory standards for the surrounding environment

10 years ago, the weight of standard grape wine bottle was 500g, but now its weight is 400g, and the weight of light bottle has dropped to 350g. For those wine bottles with special shapes, the weight of which is 600g, is also being reduced as much as possible, which is possible. Of course, it is necessary to produce light wine bottles through modern technology to replace the previous heavy wine bottles. If it is used in the packaging of daily consumer goods, it will inevitably increase the production cost. Therefore, it is only used in the packaging of luxury goods

in Germany, some customers began to sell the packaging waste of goods to waste recycling companies, which is conducive to environmental protection. This behavior is being promoted and popularized. In the Nordic countries on the Scandinavia Peninsula, consumers no longer choose the packaging bottle made of PVC material when purchasing, but choose the more environmentally friendly packaging bottle. (zhengyuqing, China Food News)

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