Ningxia will deepen the reform of mountain forest

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Ningxia will further promote the reform of mountain forest rights this year release date: Source: Forestry and grassland Bureau of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region recently, the press conference on Ningxia's construction of a leading area for ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin to promote the "four rights" reform was held in Yinchuan. It aims to thoroughly implement the spirit of the fourth promotion meeting of the Party committee of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region on the construction of a leading area for ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin, promote the overall ideas and main objectives of the "four rights" reform of water rights, land rights, pollution discharge rights and mountain and forest rights, promote reform and innovation measures, establish a reform orientation, create a situation that starts with reform, innovation and "four rights", and play a leading role in reform A good atmosphere of public opinion for active reform

Ningxia will take five measures to promote the reform of mountain forest rights, give full play to the market regulation mechanism, revitalize forest resources, liberalize management rights, enhance the vitality of social investment, ensure the completion of the target task of 20% forest coverage by 2025, realize the increase of ecological value of mountain forest rights, the improvement of ecological benefits, the improvement of ecological environment, plant a beautiful new background in Ningxia, and practice the concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains" with practical actions

promote the right confirmation and registration of mountain forest land. Establish a comprehensive management service system for forest and grass resources, clarify the land types and boundaries of forest resources such as forest land and grassland, solve the ownership of mountain forest land in the relocation areas of ecological immigrants by classification, promote the registration of mountain forest land real estate, and realize that the forest and grass resources have excellent performance price ratio and reliable quality, and the sources should be accurate and registered

liberalize the forest land management right. Encourage business entities to participate in the circulation of mountain forest rights through interest distribution methods such as physical valuation, monetary settlement, pricing and shareholding of management rights, minimum dividend, etc., and accelerate the reform of "separation of three rights" of mountain forest land. Develop forest property mortgage financial products that adapt to the characteristics of forestry, and expand the financing function and scale of forest property. We will foster diversified and multi-level greening business entities, and guide industrial and commercial capital to invest in forestry

establish a market trading system. Explore and carry out the value evaluation of forestry resources. The transaction of mountain forest rights will be incorporated into the public resources trading platform of the autonomous region and the rural property rights trading center of the county and district for unified transaction. We will explore the establishment of a government buyback mechanism to ensure that forest rights can be advanced or withdrawn. At the same time, Ningxia will actively explore carbon sequestration forest trading, determine the reserves and increment of forest carbon absorption in all counties in the region, encourage carbon surplus and carbon deficit counties to carry out horizontal compensation for carbon sequestration afforestation, and the government will organize the construction of carbon sequestration forest to offset carbon emissions, or enterprises will directly invest in the construction of carbon sequestration forest in the land designated by the government to offset carbon emissions, so as to form a forestry carbon sequestration trading mode under carbon emission rights trading, with a view to exploring replicable The "Ningxia model" can be popularized to make positive contributions to the realization of the goals of "carbon peaking" and "carbon neutralization"

explore the mechanism of market-oriented greening. We will promote the new model of "cultivating forests with forests", bring the under forest economy into the scope of modern agricultural development, and set up special support funds for the development of the under forest economy to support the development of the under forest economy. Encourage social capital to invest in eco-tourism, forest health care and other business forms. Explore a new path of "land for forest", and guide social capital to invest in land greening by means of comprehensive utilization of forest land, development of eco-tourism, and a certain proportion of construction land in other places

improve the service management system. Strengthen forestry technical services, and guide the flow of personnel to the grass-roots level whose modulus of technical plastic compounds increases proportionally with the content of long fibers. We will strengthen forestry management and law enforcement, and comprehensively implement the five-level system of forest and mountain leaders in covered areas, cities, counties, townships and villages

it is of great significance and glorious mission to promote the reform of mountain and forest property rights. Under the strong leadership of the Party committee and government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, the forest and grass industry in the region will bravely shoulder the mission, overcome difficulties, set up a special class as soon as possible, establish a task account of key but hypothetical parts in the process of equipment measurement, formulate a timetable and road map, and spare no effort to promote the implementation of the reform of mountain and forest property rights, Make the reform of mountain forest rights in Ningxia take the lead and set an example in the Yellow River Basin, and contribute to the construction of a leading area for ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin

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