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Since the beginning of this year, Niuerzhuang mining company of Jizhong energy Fengfeng Group has insisted on solidly integrating into the work force, jointly overcoming production and operation difficulties, and practically leading the staff to make scientific innovation, improve quality and efficiency, and ensure that the salary income does not drop, We will provide real services to the staff and workers to help the poor and solve their real worries, condense people's hearts and gather strength, maintain stability, and promote the steady and progressive development of the mine against the trend. As of May 1, the 11th anniversary of the mining company's continuous safe production has further promoted the in-depth implementation of the mass line education and practice

integrate employees to solve production difficulties. In view of the severe situation of lack of mine resources and difficult operation, the company guided the party and mass departments to prepare the Publicity Outline of "six clarifications" by focusing on the mass line education and practice activities. The Party committee leaders led the publicity team to go deep into the District, section and community for 16 lectures, and widely publicized and unified ideas by using radio, television, newspapers and blackboard newspapers. The company's leaders and the staff of the departments and offices went to their respective guarantee units, teams, contact points and job frontlines to talk about the situation and tasks face-to-face with the employees, and to talk about the specific measures taken by the company to "ensure safety, operation, employees' income and wages", so as to gather people's minds and inspire morale, ensuring the ideological stability of the employees and the stability of the team. In order to solve the problem of slow installation progress of 52901 mining face, the company's main party and government leaders led and followed the shift to focus on the key links on site, find out the bottleneck problems restricting production, realistically describe the working hours one by one for the work links such as tank loading, transportation, tank unloading and installation, and conduct on-site scientific demonstration. The original one locomotive hauled one support at a time was replaced by two supports at a time, from the original 6 supports per day to 14 supports per day, The installation task was completed 5 days in advance. In late May, the 807 working face had a 26 ° dip angle and a 40m long fault. The Secretary of the Party committee of the company went to the mining area every shift to mobilize the staff before the shift, so as to strengthen the staff's confidence in overcoming difficulties. The manager of the company led the technical, safety supervision and mining area management personnel to command in the most difficult section of the roof management of the working face for 5 consecutive days, while assisting the employees to support the roof and adjust the support in advance. The employees were encouraged and had high morale, ensuring the completion of the safety production task of the whole month

lead employees to innovate and increase efficiency in a down-to-earth manner. The company focused on saving expenditure, reducing consumption, improving quality and increasing efficiency as an important work to improve its operating capacity, and established a daily cost and profit accounting system for raw coal, so that the grass-roots teams and groups can clearly understand the costs incurred on duty, and improve the employees' concept of strict cost control. Among party members, cadres, managers and all employees at all levels, activities such as "party members' recycling creates 100 yuan, groups create 1000 yuan and branches create 10000 yuan per month" and "well raising is not empty, and waste recycling, repair and recycling are carried out together" have been carried out. For the collected waste and old articles, each unit shall establish a unified account, register the repair and reuse one by one. On June 5, the excavation area I replaced 260 pieces of track clamping plates, 1200 pieces of track clamping plates and 1560 screws in the 300m track at the bottom of the auxiliary shaft. In terms of the management of mining, transportation and other mechanical equipment, never buy new ones that can be repaired, and never outsource those that can be repaired by themselves. The company has achieved self-repair of 3 roadheader machines and 4 side rock loaders. In order to reduce the labor cost, centralized control has been implemented for the underground main conveyor belt. Strictly control the cost saving of engineering design. When determining the opening position of working face 541007, the party and government leaders and department heads of the company went deep into the underground for many times to investigate and demonstrate, compare and optimize the design scheme, so as to save man hours, reduce investment and maximize benefits. In 541007 working face, the export growth is slowing down; At the time of 3 to 11 old tunnels, in order to prove the production progress, the main replacement imported products within the first 20 meters under the adjacent working face in 2016 were thrown away. The goal is two old tunnels with serious area collapse of three varieties, namely, bright sewing thread, acrylic product and PVA suspension dispersant. In order to mine more than 900 tons of output in the old tunnels, the method of mobile angle adjustment sector mining was adopted to increase the raw coal revenue of the company by nearly 1000 tons. At the same time, the coal mining team is required to "cut the coal without cutting the number of knives, and take out the amount of coal", so as to ensure that the recycled particles are stored in the warehouse, and improve the business efficiency and service life of the enterprise

it is practical to serve the workers to help the poor. The company conscientiously implemented the requirements of "not allowing a difficult employee to pass" and arranged 15 basic Party branch experimental machines to collect material performance data for a long time to check and file the difficult employees of the company. For 56 extremely poor employees, the "one-to-one" monthly visit and assistance system for Party members and cadres at or above the section level was implemented, and the role of the two service teams was given full play to carry out various forms of assistance activities. In order to relieve the worries of construction workers in other cities, the company arranges personnel to regularly come to help the elderly and children with household chores that they can't do, such as replacing lighting lines and repairing walls, so that they feel the care and warmth of the party and government of the enterprise. Since the beginning of this year, Party members, cadres and volunteers have visited 426 people, sent 7800 yuan in relief funds, 180 pieces of condolence goods such as rice, flour, oil and eggs, and 79 pieces of good deeds to reduce the temperature to the corresponding value. 33 workers from the trade union system were organized to donate 16100 yuan to the "family fund" of the group company, and applied for 800 yuan of the fund. Three workers were rescued

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