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Do paper books and e-books coexist or replace each other

the English word Kindle means to ignite, light up and incite. As Amazon, the world's largest online bookstore company, it has great expectations to name its e-reader with this name. Historically, Amazon has indeed been overturning the tradition, changing people's way of buying books and reading. This time, it wants to rely on Kindle e-reader to change the production mode of publishing industry

elvish product

although Steve Jobs, the CEO of apple, said in his comments on the First Generation Kindle e-reader launched by Amazon that there were problems in the design and it would not be successful in the market, facts have proved that the sales of Kindle was not affected by such remarks at all and was a great success in the market

on November 19, 2007, the First Generation Kindle came out, and it was sold out within five and a half hours after it was launched. After that, the situation of hard to find a machine lasted for 18 months. Because of the stock shortage, the price of the used Kindle on eBay is even nearly $50 higher than the new one. In 2008, the total sales volume of Kindle has been close to 500000, which is comparable to the annual sales volume of iPod just launched

based on such strong sales performance, Amazon still proudly announced in the cold winter of the financial crisis: to get this expensive gadget, you need to wait for two months after payment, while overseas sales are in arrears. The popularity of the Kindle is evident

the Kindle feels like a book in your hand. The First Generation Kindle has a slightly thicker body, but this problem has been solved in the second generation products. The second-generation Kindle is only the thickness of a pencil and weighs about 280 grams. It can only display black and white. It uses advanced e-ink technology, and its visual effect is similar to that of paper books and newspapers. In addition to the page turning function of the previous page and the next page, the key also has the letter key, which is convenient for readers to input text and take notes. Abandoning the multi-function features of digital products, the Kindle can only be used for reading

compared with reading traditional books, the advantages of Kindle are obvious. Its capacity can store 1500 books and read the text stored in it; Its wireless function helps people download and read newspapers and books anytime and anywhere

Amazon CEO Bezos never regarded the Kindle as a digital product from the beginning. He said: it is a real book, which gives users the most authentic reading texture and makes people forget that they are staring at a 6-inch screen

on May 6 this year, Amazon followed suit and launched the Third Generation Kindle e-book reader. The new kindledx has 9 The 7-inch display is about 1/3 larger than the second generation, which is more suitable for reading newspapers and textbooks. According to industry insiders, the Kindle was originally designed for book reading, but the new kindledx shows that Amazon wants to transform this reader from a niche market product to a larger market product for reading books, newspapers, magazines and textbooks

seeing the huge market cake brought by Kindle, domestic digital product manufacturers have also started to act. On May 17, at the signing ceremony of the joint R & D project of China Mobile t D-SCDMA terminal special incentive fund, China Mobile exhibited the G3 reader, a new 3G application terminal in addition to Shanghai Mobile. G3 readers are customized machines. Currently, Hanwang, Huawei and ZTE are engaged in research and development. It is expected that G3 readers will be available in August

Hanwang Technology has released its first e-reader product n518 with handwriting function in May this year. This product is the first handwritten 5-inch electronic reading terminal device in the world. It has the functions of full screen handwritten annotation, recording and document retrieval, vocal music recording and playback, and realizes handwritten and keyboard double touch operation

some senior practitioners in the publishing industry are very optimistic about e-readers. The forest is less and less, and the paper is more and more expensive. In the future, reading paper books will be a luxury. A senior publisher said that for publishers, e-readers can not only bring a large number of readers, but also save printing and distribution costs

it seems that the scene in the science fiction film minority report starring Tom Cruise is about to become a reality. Passengers in the subway are reading novels with a thin e-reader. Suddenly, Tom Cruise's wanted notice jumps out of the book and rolls out

the days of walking through thick stacks of books are coming to an end. In the future, everyone will swim in the sea of books set up by e-readers

a new publishing Kingdom

in fact, e-readers are not new. Young people have long started to read downloaded e-books on, PDA or MP4, but why did Kindle alone trigger a rush to buy? Behind it lies Amazon's ambition

Amazon CEO Bezos said when describing the Kindle that the Kindle sells services rather than products. Amazon's ultimate goal is still to sell e-books to readers, while Kindle is just a medium to assist in sales and realize reading

according to Bezos' plan, the Kindle will become a wireless extension of Amazon's store, which is also the biggest advantage of Kindle different from other e-book readers. The Kindle uses wireless network technology and is completely independent of computers. For readers, whether in cafes or on the beach, whenever they want to buy books, they can browse all the e-books provided by Amazon as long as they turn on the power and wireless network of the Kindle

like browsing Amazon bookstores, once a reader has a crush on a book, the purchase process is just a second of clicking the mouse, and the selected book will be downloaded to the Kindle in less than a minute and stored in the reader's own library. It is reported that the e-books provided by Amazon have jumped from 88000 when the Kindle was first launched to 230000 now, and 105 of the 112 on the New York Times bestseller list can be freely downloaded to the Kindle

in addition to the abundant supply of e-books, the reading price of e-books provided by Amazon is also very attractive. Some time ago, the popular Obama masterpiece "fearless hope" sold for $24.99 in American bookstores, but it only cost $4.90 to download the original book on Amazon's e-reader. Lin Jia, who has studied in the United States for many years, said to

according to him, an ordinary book costs $2030 in the United States, but it is cheaper on Amazon, but it also costs $1520. Consumers can download a book for only $9.9 through the Kindle, which is far cheaper than buying traditional books. Moreover, the copyright of books in the United States is well protected, and it is difficult for consumers to download free books without copyright problems on the Internet, so the price is more attractive

this benign interaction has undoubtedly brought strong sales performance to Amazon. However, Amazon's ambition is not limited to this. In the words of James B. wiesberg, editor in chief of slate, an American Internet Magazine, Kindle will change the world

from e-books to e-readers, the Kindle completely eliminates the printing, publishing and distribution of traditional books. It is reported that Amazon is preparing to sign a direct contract with best-selling authors such as Stephen King, the master of horror suspense novels who once wrote The Shawshank Redemption, and directly distribute the electronic version of their new books

it can be seen that building a digital publishing platform is Amazon's biggest plot

with the help of Amazon's powerful book and customer resources, starting from shangshucheng, it will gradually move up the sales chain to publishing, and build a digital publishing platform. Amazon will turn from being the world's largest book seller to becoming the largest book publisher

such a result will indeed shock and fear traditional publishers. If the Kindle really replaces printed books, many values as a book publisher will no longer exist, and the author and may have to be recombined in another way. This will build a brand-new publishing production kingdom. Will the paper books we have read for hundreds of years really be abandoned by us

coexist or replace

the discussion on the future prospects of paper books and e-books has always been a hot topic in the industry

Mr. Zhang's words can well represent the views of people who like paper books. The faint ink smell at the tip of the nose and the thick texture when touching are irreplaceable by cold electronic products

although the Kindle uses e-ink technology to make the eyes comfortable and the size of a book, it seems that there are still some things e-readers can't do

ultra high resolution, stable and non flickering image, cheap, fall resistant and collision resistant, no power on, never crash, never need to change the battery, corner folding, key drawing, eyebrow writing, hand transfer without pain, storage period of up to 200 years, user interface is very intuitive, no need to learn, easy to carry, with ink aroma, can be used to cover the instant noodles bowl. All these characteristics create the unique reading experience of paper books

according to the analysis of insiders, most scientific and technological products can only imitate a few items, but cannot be completely copied, and several of them cannot be copied by any scientific and technological products. Even talking about the projects that can be copied, such as resolution, the achievements that paper can achieve, are far beyond our expectations

and more importantly, it seems that only reading paper books is more like reading books

you can't be distracted when reading. Unlike listening to music, you can listen while running and dragging the floor. Paper books not only occupy us in mind, but also in body. Your hand should be used to fix the main machine of the impact experiment machine. The imported servo electromechanical and servo speed regulation system and ball screw book pages are adopted. Your body must be stationary, otherwise your eyes can't see the contents of the book pages

when reading a paper book, you must complete it in an undisturbed space, and the space is full of interference everywhere. MSN will jump out of the prompt, stand, email, bid, and see if there is a letter to reply to you on the blog. There are too many things to do, and too many temptations make you rush up the waves and forget what you originally wanted to do, including reading

the proportion of E-reading has increased at an alarming rate year by year, but if you carefully investigate the bibliographic categories, Bestsellers or leisure novels should account for the vast majority. Because if you really want to write an important article and want to consult materials, you will definitely not choose e-books

on the other hand, the decline of the paper media is an indisputable fact. In almost all developed markets, newspapers, magazines and other paper media have a hard time. They either close their doors or start borrowing or selling assets to raise funds. In 2009, many large newspapers have been closed or in trouble. The sharp decline in advertising revenue has made traditional paper media more difficult to return. To make matters worse, advertisers will further reduce their advertising spending in paper media

although the attitude of the traditional community towards Kindle is complex, some have extended olive branches. In fact, Yama's materials of this kind have been officially stopped by the Fire Department of the Ministry of public security as early as 2010. Xun has made public communications with the New York Times, Boston Globe and the Washington Post

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