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Can you believe the myth of learning Solidworks in one day?

recently, friends have been discussing the problem of SW learning. Someone proposed that "SW software can be learned in one day". The author told guangdayou based on six years of experience in using SW software that this statement is not in line with the actual situation of "heavenly Nights". It is also an honest statement

first of all, learning SW requires a certain basic concept of geometric representation. It is best for friends who have studied mechanical design. Being able to learn the three coordinate system more deeply is its most basic concept. All three-dimensional space concepts are developed from this

secondly, if you just want to understand the drawing principle of SW or have a playful mentality, I can say that one hour is enough, and you can delete the software

third, I want to talk about what is called "learning". The author has six years of experience in SW software, and has applied it to many different kinds of designs. I can't say that I've used all the functions well. If I can use them, I still often encounter problems that can't be solved

for example, state is very important in the process of learning SW. There are two states of a part drawing: Sketch state and part state. There are four states of assembly drawing: 1 Assembly drawing status; 2. Assembly sketch status; 3. Assembly part status; 4. Assembly part sketch status. The drawing effect of each of the above states is different. Each time it lasts for 5 seconds, the difference is very large, and there are still a few 0.0 in the assembly drawing- 0.8; ±0.4;- 0.2;- 0.5, etc. It's not a day or two to figure out the above problems and solve them. I've read many textbooks and haven't written them clearly, which will lead beginners to take many detours. Moreover, what I said above is only one tenth of the SW software. Under the condition of ensuring safety and durability, try to reduce the weight of every 1 gram or two

it can be said that SW software is broad and profound, which requires every one of us to devote ourselves to exploring. Any practice of being eager for quick success and instant benefit can only lead to failure. A few years ago, the company where the author works recruited a master's student, who has not studied SW software himself. The boss gave him some tutorials of SW, let him study by himself, and give him a week. One week later, he took part in the design work. His English level and self-study ability were very strong, but he left a week later. It was one thing to explain the subject according to the book, and it was another thing to integrate the software into his daily work. We must use SW software to work out a complete set of workflow scheme in order to use it well. I think most of my friends who read my articles do not have a master's degree, do they? You want to reach the level of a master through self-study, it takes hard work

I (have done some training courses) it usually takes 40 hours to train SW software. The next step is to talk about the goal of high specific energy battery cathode, which is mainly cobalt free and nickel free materials. At the same time, we are required to develop a good operating habit, pay attention to details, and study and practice hard. Only in this way can you become a master step by step

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