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Is the packaging of bottled wine really worry free

wine is a kind of beverage with good taste, which has high nutritional value and health care function. It is now known that wine contains about 600 ingredients beneficial to human body, and its nutritional value has been fully affirmed. Most of the packaging of wine is glass bottles. Glass bottle packaging not only has excellent quality assurance and fragrance retention, but also can add various colors, which echo and complement the color of wine itself. Therefore, glass containers are considered to be the best choice for wine packaging

for wine, the structure of metal cap sealing is generally the top sealing gasket in the bottle cap and the sealing inner plug at the bottle mouth. The sealing gasket acts as a seal against the extrusion deformation of the sealing gasket by the top of the bottle mouth; The inner stopper plays a sealing role by the interference fit between its outer diameter and the inner diameter of the bottle mouth, realizing the isolation of the beverage from the outside world. The specifications of UAV manufacturing enterprises are issued with metal screws outside. After the cap is tightened, it is sealed with heat shrinkable film. From the perspective of production technology, the inner cork cap is widely used in wine packaging because of its simple process, low cost and less change in sealing property after re tightening. From its sealing principle, its tightness has nothing to do with the final tightening torque of the bottle cap. The final tightening torque required for the actual production of the bottle cap only prevents the accidental loosening of the bottle cap, but this contact fit is difficult to effectively avoid the penetration of oxygen during storage. Nevertheless, most manufacturers only judge whether the sealing performance of the finished product is good or bad by checking whether the product has leakage. The method is to vacuum the outside environment of the bottle and keep it for a period of time to see whether there is liquid leakage to judge the sealing performance of the package, but the problem of oxygen penetration is ignored by the manufacturers

it is generally believed that the oxygen permeability of the glass bottle is zero. As long as there is no liquid in the finished filling product, the leakage of the last link in the user's purchase of equipment is also an important one during the installation and commissioning of the static steel testing machine of Jinan new era gold testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is qualified, and the later oxygen penetration can be completely ignored. In fact, this is not the case. Experiments show that the oxygen permeability brought by the mouth of the bottle is much larger than people think. Taking the finished glass bottle sealed with aluminum cap as an example, the method of "ASTM d1307 (determination method of oxygen transmittance of packaging containers coulometry) is applied to test under the environment of standard laboratory, The comparison data between the oxygen permeability and the oxygen permeability of PET plastic bottle body (uncoated) commonly used in beverage filling are as follows:

in air (ml/pak, while the cutting of the other two samples is strictly controlled.Day)

in pure oxygen (ml/y)

glass bottle (aluminum bottle cap) 3.1 15.3

pet plastic bottle body (uncoated) 0.3 1.5

from the above data, it can be seen that glass bottle (aluminum bottle cap sealing) The oxygen permeability of is far greater than that of PET plastic bottle. Generally, PET beverage bottle is considered as a medium barrier material, and its barrier property will not be too high even with the coating. The oxygen penetration of glass bottles is obviously through the bottle cap. Its oxygen penetration can not be ignored, and it should be paid great attention by manufacturers. If the packaging technology is not high, the barrier property will be worse than PET bottles. Therefore, whether the oxygen permeability of wine sealing is appropriate is an important indicator for manufacturers to ensure the taste, nutritional components and fresh-keeping period of wine

for a wine packaging container, the bottle body and the bottle cap are not integrated. Even if both the bottle body and the bottle cap have high barrier performance, the barrier property of the whole packaged product cannot be judged alone. Standard testing must be carried out with the help of special equipment to accurately control the oxygen transmission of the finished wine packaging product

the above data were tested with the help of Labthink blue toy-c1 container/film oxygen permeating instrument

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