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VR fever is spreading to the color TV industry. Is it mining or playing the concept?

a VR TV launched in the first half of this year has triggered a discussion on "subversion or hype" in the color TV industry. Half a year later, China's mainstream color TV manufacturers have not yet launched VR TVs, but have quietly deployed in the field of VR all-in-one machines, which has accelerated the spread of VR to the field of color TV. However, for color TV manufacturers, while innovating, they should also take into account the improvement of user experience, so as to truly tap the "rich mining area", rather than fall into the strange circle of playing the concept

vr TV market heat did not meet expectations

after storm Technology launched its first VR TV, VR TV did not seem to be favored by the color TV industry. Except storm technology, mainstream color TV manufacturers did not launch VR TV, and the market heat did not meet expectations. "In fact, VR is meaningful, but at present, VR TV seems to have no epoch-making significance." Wenxiaojun, deputy director of the Institute of electronic information industry of CCID think tank, told China Electronics News

in fact, there are endless doubts about what VR TV is. The so-called VR TV should be the combination of VR technology and TV platform, and VR experience should be achieved no matter in terms of hardware, content or viewing mode. So at this stage, is VR TV a technological breakthrough and innovative exploration, or is it just a marketing opportunity

Lu Shengbo, CMO of storm TV, said in an interview with China Electronics News: "VR TV is not a concept product. VR experience has a very high standard for TV's computing power. Supporting VR experience means that TV performance and computing power have reached a new level. In terms of computing power, we will continue to upgrade to make TV's computing power exceed."

Lu Shengbo frankly said that the biggest bottleneck of VR at present is the content bottleneck. At present, VR film and television content is mainly short films and UGC, and there are not many fine VR games. Storm TV and storm magic mirror will jointly promote the development of VR content industry

although color TV manufacturers have made an issue of technological innovation this year, compared with storm, color TV manufacturers are more cautious about launching VR TVs. Among the six major color TV brands, no one has launched VR TV yet, only Skyworth has made an attempt on AR TV

"compared with VR, we are more optimistic about the application of AR technology in TV." Liu Tangzhi, vice president of Skyworth Group and President of color TV business department, said in an interview with China Electronics News that the reason why 3D TV failed was that it had never solved the problem of wearing glasses. VR also solves the problem of dizziness. In this regard, the application of AR in TV does have its uniqueness

aim at the VR all-in-one machine market

facing the huge VR market prospect, color TV manufacturers are not willing to give up the opportunity. Although there is no article on VR TV, color TV manufacturers have made layout in the VR field. Their strategies are all aimed at the VR all-in-one machine market, and they hope to build a two axis impact machine through the independent platform of VR all-in-one machine, which is a kind of impact experimental machine to establish their own ecology. Since the second half of this year, TCL, Changhong, Hisense, Kukai, Xiaomi, etc. have all begun to accelerate the research and development of VR technology, and some brands have even launched some VR all-in-one products

among them, Alcatel under TCL communications launched its first VR all-in-one machine vision, which provides users with rich VR content through cooperation with jaunt VR, magic interactive entertainment and Fraunhofer; Kukai VR all-in-one machine pays more attention to the problem of dizziness, using the head motion trajectory prediction algorithm and multiple picture buffer technology; Xiaomi glasses products emphasize the comfort of wearing on the head. In addition, we learned in the interview that Hisense is also accelerating VR research and development. Changhong VR project team mainly explores to solve the problem of user health experience and the application of VR in the field of smart medicine

"we think that VR all-in-one machine is the future direction, and its portability is also good, but at this stage, there are still great obstacles in computing power and comfort, and the delay optimization of hardware and software also needs to be solved. To enter the VR market, mobile VR is a low threshold product. In the field of mobile VR, manufacturers have more advantages, and they will be easier to solve the problems of delay and drag." Said Tangmu, general manager of Xiaomi VR

in fact, the current solution of VR all-in-one machine has many disadvantages, and it can't be compared with PC VR helmet in terms of immersion. This is also the reason why oculus, Sony and HTC, the three major VR head display manufacturers, are not in a hurry to launch VR all-in-one machine. In addition, the core devices such as the processor, motherboard, battery and display screen of the VR all-in-one machine adopt intelligent solutions, so the problems of poor intelligent heat dissipation and endurance still exist in the VR all-in-one machine

yan Xiaolin, chief technology officer of TCL group, said that VR display technology includes display screen, materials, processing and chip technology. Chips with high refresh rate need to be customized in large quantities. Therefore, VR is more a cross-border technology, which is the integration and integration of technology. TCL mainly focuses on VR all-in-one machine, accessories and display screen, aiming to improve the weight and comfort of VR all-in-one machine

mining AI +vr is common in the following: rich mining areas

whether it is VR TV or VR all-in-one machine, this is the innovation of manufacturers in products. It is a new kind of green and environmentally friendly vehicle materials. However, for the color TV industry, there is never a lack of conceptual products. 3D TV and cloud TV have become the victims of the concept war in the color TV industry. Therefore, for color TV manufacturers who want to enter the VR market, what they need to do is to improve the user experience and provide consumers with a better way of interaction

Yan Xiaolin said that TCL mainly focuses on terminals and pays more attention to VR experience. 3D TV may cause a series of adverse effects such as dizziness and vomiting. The problem of VR will increase by an order of magnitude compared with 3D, and the causes are more complex. The interactive mode of VR has just begun to evolve, and its resolution, refresh rate and GPU rendering ability need to be improved

"although there are many difficulties in making VR, color TV manufacturers are willing to try in new fields such as VR, AR and artificial intelligence. Now there are few new lights in the color TV market, which can be predicted to be a hot spot in the color TV market in 2017." Peng Xiandong, general manager of the consumer electronics division of China Yikang, told China Electronics News

nevertheless, we still need to remind manufacturers to consider the improvement of user experience while innovating technology. For example, to improve the experience of VR all-in-one machine, we must consider the interaction mode. Mobile gesture recognition faces the challenges of high computation, stable tracking and background anti-interference. Moreover, now the range of gesture recognition is limited, and the experience is not natural. In addition, the scenes and experience forms of TV in the future will also be diversified. Only by innovating more service contents and forms can we provide more and better new experiences of large screen entertainment

Yan Xiaolin said, "in terms of R & D direction, we are now facing high-performance organic silicone, acrylate adhesive, anaerobic adhesive, epoxy resin adhesive, polyurethane adhesive, etc.; the research and development, production and sales of various high-end engineering adhesives VR research problems are all-round, and the whole industry is the same. But the application of artificial intelligence and the combination of VR is a rich mining area, and there is still a lot of room."

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