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Is the listed company in the printing industry a giant or a fake

Shantou Dongfeng Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dongfeng printing) is a printing enterprise that registered on the A-share main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange on February 16, 2012. According to the 2011 financial report recently disclosed by the company, Dongfeng printing achieved an operating revenue of 1.535 billion yuan in 2011, an increase of 13.13% year-on-year; The operating profit was 656 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.51%. This is really not easy for a newly listed printing enterprise

there is a saying in China's stock market: newly listed stock companies have blue chips in the first year, flat shares in the next year, and losses in three years. China's stock market is relatively difficult to ensure full coverage; In addition, after the institutional reform, it is immature in the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc., especially in accounting, which is often suspected of fraud. This is not for Dongfeng printing, but a hidden rule in China's stock market. Therefore, I don't want Dongfeng printing to be such a listed enterprise

although this deceptive technique can deceive for a while, it can't deceive for a lifetime. Moreover, this kind of unspoken rule does not do much good to the enterprise itself. If you blindly enjoy the impact of numbers, you will often lose your true self. Lose the true meaning of the company's listing

listed companies are often giants and representatives of the industry. In many cases, people analyze listed companies to determine the advantages and disadvantages of this industry, and determine the development status and future situation of this industry. This kind of falsification will only aggravate the rapid crisis of the industry. The so-called harm others and harm yourself, I think it should be this truth

the author believes that the first thing a listed company should do is to understand Mencius' born in sorrow and died in happiness. Before listing, some companies are well-known companies in the industry, which have quite advantages among peers. The company leaders also try their best to do their best. But immediately after the company went public, there was another picture. They earned profits for the company by raising funds and establishing subsidiaries, but the main business was gradually changed and the model of Jinan experimental machine factory was gradually updated, and fully automatic clamping and isolation were widely adopted in foreign countries. This may be a means of survival for listed companies, but more authors think it is a kind of sadness. A kind of sadness between industries

the hidden dangers behind some companies are profit, selfishness, and desire from the bottom of people's hearts. People are obsessed with profit. When facing profit, they often lose their nature and lose themselves. How many people have become a blood sucking devil driven by profit through the ages. Far from it, let's say that in recent years, clenbuterol, melamine and gutter oil have evolved under the guidance of benefit. It turned out to be a momentary mistake, which ruined his future

in fact, listed companies do not have to develop the so-called diversification. The author believes that continuing to develop the main business is the simplest and most direct. It is the kingcraft to put the enterprise first. Those false figures, harm everyone is not shallow? In the legendary Wulin, those real masters are to restore everything to the original, simplify everything, and see that the hydraulic universal experimental machine is widely used in the metallurgical casting industry, steel production enterprises, construction quality inspection stations, etc. Looking at mountains is still the highest realm of mountains. Although diversified development may be colorful, and there may be many heroes at one time, which will make countless heroes bow down, it is impossible to chew too much. In the end, just do everything, but what are you proficient in? Without your own unique skills, how can you win in this transient competition

Vanke is a true hero in the industry. He stepped from main business to diversified development, and finally returned to a single main business. This is an evolution of the enterprise, which is the transformation of heroes. At the beginning, Vanke was all the rage. At his most colorful time, he resolutely decided to sell all the industries except the main business, and then love the main business alone. This requires a kind of great perseverance. Today, Vanke has become the big brother of the industry

the author believes that listed enterprises, either do not do it, do the best they want to do it. There is no falsehood, no lies, and some are just the determination and perseverance to do the best of the enterprise. The so-called difficulties are not difficult to defeat the real giant

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