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Is Tetra Pak carton packaging really environmentally friendly

in 2005, the Ontario wine Management Bureau (lcbo) of Canada introduced sterile carton packaging of wine as one of the environmental protection strategies, but recently, the wine Management Bureau announced that after the existing Tetra Pak packaged wine is sold out, such products will not be sold

Lyle Clarke, manager of the environmental protection department of the Ontario wine administration, said that sterile cartons loaded with wine are light and not easy to break, which can greatly reduce the exhaust emissions during transportation and achieve environmental protection. However, environmentalists said Tetra Pak carton packaging is made of raw pulp, plastic and aluminum materials, which is difficult to recycle

Franz Hartmann, director of Toronto Environmental Protection Alliance, said: Tetra Pak packaging recycling is valued and supported by the Chinese and Russian governments. In a broad sense, it is difficult to recycle wine packaging. Joanne St. godar, director of Ontario recycling Bureau, said that it was difficult to choose between glass bottles and Tetra Pak packaging

Tetra Pak is undoubtedly the best choice for environmental protection in terms of saving energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions during long-distance transportation. But in terms of recycling, Tetra Pak bags are far inferior to glass bottles. In Ontario, the recycling rate of Tetra Pak packaging cartons is very low, only 15%, because most cartons are used as juice boxes, and people throw them away in garbage cans after drinking

even though there is still a lot of work to be done in the recycling of medical plastics implemented by the liquor administration, only 44% of the beverage boxes have been recycled, and most of these boxes are transported to factories in China and South Korea for secondary processing. In the processing plant, about 65% - 70% of the cartons can be recycled, and most of the paper fibers are separated and made into napkins or toilet paper. Some companies make plastic products from the residue after separation

environmental protection scholars believe that the best way to protect the environment is to use recyclable glass bottles, such as beer sold in China if the measured value deviates from the standard value far

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