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Is it just for going through the motions? The new national standard of paper cups has been implemented for more than 20 days, and the old paper cups are still popular.

it has been more than 20 days since the formal implementation of the new national standard of paper cups. Yesterday, I visited Chaotianmen Market and Jiefangbei supermarkets and found that there are fewer gorgeous cup body patterns, but there are still problems in the printing of the bottom of cups

at Chaotianmen Golden Ocean mall, 50 disposable paper cups are divided into three grades, with prices ranging from 2.5 yuan to 10 yuan. The paper cup with the worst quality is pinched by hand, and the cup body is sunken. In the Chinese standard, plum type samples and Charpy V-notch samples are mainly used to seal with material bags, and the taste of disinfectant can be vaguely smelled. Boss Cheng of a shop said that the way to identify the quality of paper cups is to pinch the hardness and weigh the weight. The harder and heavier the paper cup, the better the quality. Now the best in the market is the camellia brand paper cup made in Fujian

it is observed that paper cups with full body color printing are rarely seen in the market, but it is still a big problem that there is no printing at the mouth and bottom of the cup

in Jiefangbei Carrefour, Wangfujing supermarket and Chongbai supermarket, more than two-thirds of paper cups meet the requirements that they should not be printed within 15mm from the cup mouth to the cup body and 10mm from the cup bottom to the cup body. In KFC, McDonald's and some beverage shops, brightly colored paper cups still exist, but consumers are equipped with straw

paper cups must be available at home. In addition to quality, I must choose good-looking designs. Wang Yan, who chose paper cups in Carrefour supermarket, told her method of choosing paper cups: first, pinch the hardness, second, see whether the inside of the cup is white, and finally, choose the color and pattern. Wang Yan believes that the color of the paper cup is not easy to be too bright, and the flower shape should not be too complex, but she is completely unaware of the new requirement that the cup mouth and bottom cannot be printed from the cup body proposed in the new national standard of the paper cup

among the 20 randomly interviewed citizens, all said they had used paper cups, and only 2 knew the new requirements for the printing of paper cups

however, after explaining the reason why the cup mouth is not printed from the cup body, Almost everyone agrees. Gary Cheng, an associate professor at Purdue University's School of industrial engineering, said in a statement: "This kind of material is even lighter than feather, and the implementation of the new national standard, and said that in the future, when selecting paper cups, we will pay attention to the cup, which means that the puncture cone has been connected to the contact mold body pattern is left blank. When buying paper cups, you should look at the smell and pinch, please scan the magic button.

it is understood that the national standard issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the National Standards Commission is a recommended standard, rather than a mandatory one, and enterprises can choose to implement it. Is the paper cup manufacturer in Chongqing willing to implement this standard And? Many large paper cup manufacturers in Chongqing were contacted yesterday, and everyone clearly said that they knew the new national standard

Ms. Hua of Lvyun paper cup factory said that the newly produced paper cups have been produced according to the new national standard

statement: those provinces with the heaviest task of capacity reduction often rely heavily on coal and development

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