Is the most popular over packaging good or bad

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Is over packaging good or bad

in the highly competitive environment of the cosmetics industry, the exquisite degree of product packaging has also become an important factor in whether it can stand out in the market. In order to make their products stand out, merchants pay attention to the use of materials in the selection of packaging materials at all costs. Some choose crystal as the packaging material of cosmetics in order to highlight their products. The noble spirit of crystal is mainly reflected in the "cold winter and hot summer" quality, which also gives cosmetics unique aura. The clear and transparent packaging makes it more fashionable, with many advantages such as beauty and high-end, and has become the focus of attention in the selection of high-end cosmetics packaging materials

exquisite packaging is not only about appearance, but also rich and exquisite in connotation. The instructions for some cosmetics also have very strict requirements for material selection. They should have a metallic luster and be easy to print, which can meet the requirements of cosmetics packaging to the greatest extent - beauty and fashion. The printing adopts colorful ink, which can show noble and rich metallic luster, and give people a psychological hint: after using this cosmetics, they can also shine

in order to highlight themselves in many similar products, many cosmetics blindly pursue exquisite appearance, gorgeous packaging and exquisite materials, while ignoring the quality of the product itself. Nearly 80% of PBT has been modified to achieve the purpose of profiteering. The statistical data of over packaging and exaggerated packaging show that consumers have suffered great economic losses in this regard

in order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, the state has legal constraints on the inaccurate packaging and exaggerated packaging of peak and valley values. The law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste will enter into force on April 1 this year. The new law clearly stipulates that, "The design and manufacture of products and packaging materials should comply with the relevant national regulations on cleaner production and prevent environmental pollution caused by excessive packaging. Enterprises that produce, sell and import products and packaging materials listed in the compulsory recycling catalogue according to law must recycle the products and packaging materials according to the relevant national regulations. In order to implement this regulation, the key is to establish a recycling mechanism in most food manufacturers so that the production of enterprises can be successful This will increase, so enterprises may reduce packaging expenditure, which has played a role in curbing excessive packaging "

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