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Is the paint advertisement "paint today and check in tomorrow" believable

"paint today, check in tomorrow" is the paint advertisement credible

December 3, 2012

[China paint information] Qin Xiaoyue, female, 32, executive secretary of the enterprise

recently, she was choosing wall paint for her new home and saw TV broadcast 7 Finishing the experimental machine: first of all, turn off the relevant power supply of the experimental machine. The report thinks that many coatings are particularly magical. The people who appear on the camera are pregnant women, babies and pets, who are rendering. They can live in tomorrow after brushing the wall today. They are not only environmentally friendly, but also anti formaldehyde. Children can wipe them off easily if they paint on them. I was particularly puzzled that these "multi-functional" coatings are particularly expensive, but the effect is the same as advertising? Or is it enough for a white-collar worker like me to buy ordinary environmental friendly paint

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car owners can get a subsidy of up to 11000 yuan. Even if the paint meets the standard again, it is the safest to stay in a week because of the addition of paint

expert in this issue: Hu Yabo B & Q engineering expert

paint can't be omnipotent, and it always has its own strengths. At present, the wall paint on the market has several kinds of odor purification, formaldehyde resistance and special functions, among which the special functions include mold resistance, antifouling, etc., that is, the wall paint can be maintained for 5 to 6 years, and good products are not easy to mold for nearly 10 years, while the antifouling effect is reflected in the good cleaning, especially the traces of oil stains, crayons, etc., which can be wiped off with a wet towel, while some serious stains can also be cleaned by adding toothpaste and detergent

the addition of functionality has become an important indicator for consumers to choose wall paint. But one thing is often ignored, that is, buying functional wall paint does not mean that everything will be fine if it is applied to the wall. If you add too much water, all functions will be invisible. For example, if you add water in a ratio of 1:1, no matter how good the wall paint is, you can't expect to say goodbye to the mildew stains. Under normal circumstances, the proportion of water added is not more than 20% to ensure that the effect of the wall paint is not volatile

but don't be too superstitious about these functions. No matter how good the paint is painted on the wall, it needs to volatilize for a period of time before you check in. Although formaldehyde and benzene in many paints completely meet the standard, because of the added color, it is the safest to check in a week later. Ordinary consumers do not need to buy the most high-end and comprehensive products. Generally speaking, the basic environmental protection products of well-known brands can meet the use of ordinary families

in addition to different functions, there are also differences in wall paint packaging on the market. Generally, imported brands are calculated by gallons, one gallon per barrel, 3 78 liters, while domestic products are calculated in liters, usually 5 liters per barrel. Although the capacity is different, the coating area of each barrel of the two types of paint is about 40 square meters

there are many brands of wall paint on the market now, which is inevitable. Consumers must pay attention to choosing when buying. It is suggested to do one look, two smells and three pinches. First, look with your eyes. Usually, the color of wall paint with good quality is pure and full, while the color of products with poor quality looks muddy, unclean and unsaturation. At this point, consumers can find the difference by comparing more

the second is smell. Smell the paint. The most recognizable is the irritating smell such as formaldehyde. If it is smelly, pungent, or sour eyes, it means that its risk coefficient is relatively high, and formaldehyde may exceed the standard. There are also some products that add spices such as rose and jasmine to enhance the fragrance of the components of the horizontal tensile testing machine, which smells delicious, but this kind of paint is not necessarily a top-grade product. In fact, the wall paint is best tasteless. You can only smell the resin smell of the paint itself, and there is no unnecessary addition, which is the most trustworthy

next, it is recommended that consumers touch it with their hands, stick a little paint, gently rub it with their fingers, and look at the starch. The finer the powder, the more lubrication, the better the quality. If the powder is very thick, the quality is not necessarily good

in terms of price, the price of good wall paint is at least 400 yuan/barrel, while engineering paint can be bought in a large barrel for 100 yuan (1) oil injection: open the back door, lift the oil tank cover, and inject appropriate mechanical oil into the oil tank to the oil mark position Due to the temperature change, the oil used is slightly different. Now the specification of the oil is as follows: when the ambient temperature is 15 ± 5 ℃, gb443 (8) 4n68 mechanical oil is adopted When the ambient temperature is 25 ± 5 ℃, use gb443 (8) 4n100 machine oil, Therefore, if someone advocates that the wall paint is charged 20 yuan/square meter, and it is wrapped manually, it is almost certain that inferior goods will be used to top up. In fact, according to the current market price, the coating price of a good product is about 20 yuan per square meter, and with labor and material costs, it will take at least 35 yuan to 40 yuan/square meter to complete

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