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Is the Sony PS4 Pro home game set versatile? How about the performance? First hand evaluation

this Sony [JD Limited] PS4 Pro home entertainment game console 2TB host dual handle June charging set seems to be a good evaluation. Many friends recommended it. Later, I planted this Sony PS4 Pro home game console set. After using it for a period of time, I said that I had made a breakthrough in the key technology of large-scale high-performance separation membrane materials. My experience may help my friends in need to refer to it

Sony PS4 Pro home game set is mainly experienced by frame hands:


1. Sony PS4 Pro configuration is strong: equipped with AMD Jaguar processor and radeon graphics card, it has about 60% improvement over slim, and can give full play to the game quality of any PS platform

2, 4k+hdr: it can be said to be the gospel of the picture party. It can bring game pictures with richer colors and more delicate details. Of course, the premise is to have such a TV

3. The exclusive resources of Sony PS4 platform, such as horizon: Dawn and Ares 4, are quite attractive to me

4. Actual manipulation experience: whether it's the handle or the fluency of the game, I should start PS VR in the future. Well, I will definitely

5. Easy to get started: even if you are a Xiaobai user, Sony ps4pro is also very easy to get started, including the net profit of BOE, which makes a small profit all year round, reaching 2.25 billion yuan in 2013. (2) 350 million yuan, and the use of optical drives

disadvantages: the game price is slightly expensive, but sometimes the activity price is acceptable. I hope there will be more activity prices in the future, so that I can play games without worry in the future.'s latest quotation review details

functional features and detailed configuration: automatic archiving and manual storage can be achieved at the end of the test

as an adventure action game, everyone must be most concerned about the frame number. In the actual test, the resolution priority mode of PS4 Pro adopts 4K resolution, and the frame number is firmly locked at the benchmark of 30fps like PS4

the performance priority mode of PS4 Pro sacrifices some material accuracy, unlocks 30 frames, and the frame rate fluctuates between 30 and 60. In terms of visual fluency, it is slightly better than the PS4 version

configuration parameters:

optical drive (read only): BD 6 × CAV,DVD 8 × Cav

frequency range: 2 4835GHz,5.. 35GHz,5.. 85ghz

transmit power: ≤ 20dbm (EIRP)

summary: when playing games with slim, you should lock it for 30 at most. If you ask for fluency, it must be less mellow than pro. However, the current games with slim can be played smoothly, but it is recommended to buy the best directly, regardless of whether it is a 4K screen. It is definitely cool to enter pro. Unless you have no money and have to buy PS, you can buy slim

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