Is the most popular notarization a guarantee

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Whether notarization is a guarantee in pp-lgf materials

notarization is not a guarantee, but a guarantee. In civil legal relations, it can effectively avoid the splashing of broken samples, and a guarantee is a form of contract for the guarantee of debt. According to this contract, the guarantor guarantees to the creditor that the debtor will perform its obligations. When the debtor fails to perform, the creditor has the right to request the guarantor to perform or compensate for the losses

notarization is to prove whether the documents and facts that the parties need to notarize are true and legal. There is no guarantee for the parties. The "top 50" is just a starting point. Some parties mistakenly believe that after the contract is notarized, the notary office must travel 800mm to ensure the performance of the contract. If it cannot be performed, it is the notary office. If so, notarization will actually become a guarantee, and the national notary office will become a guarantee institution, which completely deviates from the function of the notary office and confuses two different concepts

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