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Changes in the retail sector bring new opportunities to corrugated packaging

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core tip: from the development and changes in the retail sector described in the previous chapter, the rise of retail easy packaging (RRP), merchants and the growth of comprehensive convenience stores will significantly reduce the size of cartons. This change will bring additional growth to the output value of the third corrugated packaging, but the processing cost of corrugated packaging may increase significantly

the box type is transformed to the tray, and the die-cutting box is still hot

from the development and changes in the retail field described in the previous chapters, the rise of retail easy packaging (RRP), merchants and the growth of comprehensive convenience stores will significantly reduce the size of cartons. This change will bring additional growth to the output value of corrugated packaging, but the processing cost of corrugated packaging may increase significantly

due to the sharp increase in the demand for retail easy packaging (RRP) in the fast-moving consumer goods market and the demand for cost cutting in the industrial goods and durable consumer goods market, the trend of corrugated packaging towards pallets and die-cutting boxes will continue. However, this requires increasing investment in die-cutting capacity and new terminal equipment for factories distributed all over the country, products and brands in various forms. To some extent, this lack of investment has inhibited the development trend of corrugated packaging in the short term

second, the growth rate of corrugated board structure and corrugated type

micro corrugated will continue to lead the market of group corrugated

in developed regions, and the share among single corrugated board, double corrugated board and three corrugated board has not changed significantly. However, in emerging markets, especially in China, due to the decline in the share of township markets, the continuous increase of modern corrugated board lines and high-quality packaging base paper, corrugated board has changed from multi corrugated structure to single corrugated structure. In the two major markets of domestic and export, the increase of domestic market share and the increase of share in the field of fast-moving consumer goods also contributed to this trend

the significant growth of exquisite printing technology and the wider adoption of retail easy packaging are promoting the continuous rise of micro corrugation. At present, there are also G-shaped and n-shaped micro corrugated besides E-shaped and F-shaped micro corrugated. In recent months, the development and changes of micro corrugation have led to the birth of some new corrugations different from e-corrugation, such as r-corrugation, s-corrugation, t-corrugation and p-corrugation. This situation is likely to be followed by other parts of the world

III. The decrease of gram weight of paper

the decrease of gram weight is expected to increase the corrugated output value by 4.2% in five years

in the past year, the news of reducing the gram weight of paperboard has been published in newspapers all over the world. These developments and changes are particularly noticeable in China. For the reasons mentioned above, the gram weight of corrugated packaging in China will be reduced by 10% in the next five years. In contrast, there is only a slight change in the light weight of corrugated in North America. It is expected that this change will bring the basic principle of corrugated output value in the next five years. The electrical principle block diagram of xk11 automatic small tensile testing machine will increase by only 1.4%

the development of corrugated lightweight in the United States is also limited by many factors, such as material handling, distribution and storage methods. It is worth noting that the stacking height of goods in the United States has always been very high

there are also some deeper factors that have also delayed the development trend of lightweight. Boxboard paper mills are reluctant to reduce gram weight, and there is also a fact that many existing corrugated board processing equipment do not have the ability to effectively process low gram weight corrugated board

but considering the cost savings brought by lightweight and the contribution of environmental protection, these disputes are no longer necessary to discuss. With the continuous improvement of the quality of carton board paper and the improvement of packaging design, especially the stacking strength of die-cutting packaging and the improvement of the pressure resistance of the bottom carton, the trend of lightweight is irresistible

the use of low-g heavy box paperboard (face paper less than 100g/m2, tile paper less than 90g/m2) is currently mainly used in the European market, and lightweight will also be more and more widely used in all regions of the world, but the North American market may be an exception

in short, in the next five years, the weight of corrugated grams will decline at an annual rate of 0.8% and create an added value of 4.2%

IV. exquisite printing process

the growth rate of exquisite printing will be close to twice the growth rate of corrugated industry

the exquisite printing process includes high-line flexographic printing (3-color belt drying system, usually grouped), lithographic preprint (including color label), direct offset printing, printing and digital printing. According to comprehensive statistics, this kind of technology accounts for nearly 11% of the global market

from past experience, most durable consumer goods and electronic products use exquisite printing technology. However, in recent years, these areas have been affected by the decline in high-end consumer markets in developed regions due to the decline in consumer income, as well as the decline in exports from emerging markets

in the fast-moving consumer goods market, the lack of publicity and the increasing attention of merchants to the display effect of goods in stores, coupled with the eager demand of retailers and brands for retail easy packaging, are making the marketing environment at the retail scene the focus of attention. This directly triggered a general optimism about the growth of global demand for fine printing, which is expected to double the growth rate of the corrugated industry

offset lithography accounts for most of the share of fine printing, and will continue to grow, because this process. 3. The viscosity of the oil used in the experimental machine is too low (there is oil flowing out of the oil return pipe 1 of the oil delivery valve when loading) technology has brought the reducibility of the image to the extreme

preprint is facing the challenge of a new generation of high-speed flexographic printing machines, which can print higher definition images. And compared with prepress, the new generation of high-speed flexographic printing machine is more flexible in order receiving and production. These new devices have firmly occupied a place in the field of fine printing. Although there is still a certain gap in the printing effect, the image effect of their printing has become closer and closer to offset lithography

India continues to expand its territory, but it has high cost and labor-intensive congenital defects. Its main applications are still concentrated in scattered display fields, such as product pre packaging, waste containers and life size movie posters

in recent years, large format digital printing has emerged some equipment with exquisite printing images and strong operability. However, due to the relatively high cost of ink, its use is limited to short edition printing

lithography direct printing ----- Dr. Liu Yiwu from the Packaging Research Institute of Hunan University of technology has not made great progress as we expected. We had hoped that this process would give carton factories the opportunity to carry out direct offset printing on micro corrugated, but in fact, this situation did not appear. The main reason is that the reconstruction cost of the offset press is too high, the speed of the press will also decline, the corrugated may be flattened during printing, and it is difficult to ensure that the cardboard is not bent when feeding

in the medium and long term, the demand of developed regions and emerging markets for improving the effect of image printing has led to a sharp increase in the market demand for white paper, which may greatly exceed the growth rate of the corrugated industry, and is expected to increase by 5.0to5.5% annually

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