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New packaging of fake salt appeared in Guangzhou market

since last month, the most common Linghai brand iodized salt in Guangzhou market has been packaged anew, which is one of the steps to crack down on fake salt, but I didn't expect that the counterfeiters' imitation speed is so fast that only two weeks ago, new packages of fake salt appeared in the market

non edible salt, non iodized salt and unqualified iodized salt account for a certain proportion in the Guangzhou market for a long time. Fake salt trading can be found in almost every grain and oil wholesale market. Although the competent departments have repeatedly dealt heavy blows, the huge profits of fake salt real sales have made many fake salt traders do not hesitate to take the wind. The retail price of Linghai brand edible iodized salt franchised by Guangdong Salt Industry Corporation is 1 yuan per package, and the wholesale price in the grain and oil market is 0.81 yuan per package, but the fake salt only costs 0.35 yuan, and the net retail profit per package is 0.65 yuan. The rich profits make many petty scholars' bosses purchase fake salt without conscience. According to experts, the heavy metals in fake salt processed from industrial salt seriously exceed the standard and contain a variety of substances harmful to the body. Long term consumption will cause chronic poisoning, including physical fatigue, weakness, vomiting and so on

it was found during the city tour yesterday that fake salt mostly appeared in the suburbs and villages in the city. For example, in Xiadu new village, ACR foaming processing aid 5.0~8.0 was issued. The existing small stalls sold fake salt of 0.9 yuan to attract buyers at a low price. Plus the fake salt packaging, it's almost unreal. It's really difficult to distinguish between the real and fake salt without comparing them in hand

what are the functional characteristics of the aluminum rope tension machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd? In order to crack down on fake salt, the relevant departments began to upgrade the packaging of Linghai brand iodized salt last month, and its price remained unchanged. I visited many supermarkets yesterday and found that the shelves were replaced with new packaged salt. Compared with the old packaging, the new packaging is only slightly changed: the iodized salt mark in the upper left corner of the front is changed. First, the film needs to be deposited very thick and printed on the back, and the "Guangdong Salt Industry" and its letter mark are printed in situ. In addition, the word "salt" on the front is changed from black to purple blue. It is understood that the previously used salt packaging was launched in 2002, and the original packaging was also changed to prevent counterfeiting

the packaging was updated to deal a blow to the fake salt dealers, but some of them soon followed up. The head of salt crackdown of Guangzhou Salt Company reluctantly told him that the newly packaged salt had been on the market only two weeks after it was launched

three tricks to distinguish true and false

look at the edge locking teeth -- the upper and lower seals of the real iodized salt packaging bag are sealed to the end, there is no gap in the middle, and the edge locking teeth are irregular. The biggest feature of false iodized salt is that the locking teeth (that is, the teeth on the edge of the plastic bag at the seal) are very regular, and the tooth marks are very obvious

second, look at the computer spray code -- the computer spray code with 8 numbers on the back of the real iodized salt packaging bag is unique. One package of one code will not be repeated. The coding numbers are neat and compact. The product standard number of fake iodized salt is easy to repeat. You can find it by looking at a few more packages when buying salt

three look anti-counterfeiting marks -- the laser anti-counterfeiting marks of real iodized salt are all in the same position, which are very regular and cannot be torn off with bare hands, while the anti-counterfeiting marks of fake iodized salt are pasted irregularly· Xu Yue ·

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