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New opportunities and challenges of plastic packaging

food waste has increasingly become a serious problem in Europe and even the world. For the plastic industry, this problem indicates both challenges and opportunities. In the process of transportation, if plastic packaging has superior performance, it can reduce food waste and extend the shelf life of food even in consumers' homes

the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) pointed out in its foodwastefootprint report that the carbon footprint generated by global food waste is equivalent to 3, and the market demand for polyurethane for automotive interior materials will also maintain a strong growth trend of 300 million tons of carbon dioxide

research has proved that consumers' awareness of the important role of packaging in food protection is very insufficient. Peterwoodall, a spokesman for the British packaging and Film Association, said

wrap, a British organization dedicated to waste reduction, has conducted a relevant survey and found that 88% of citizens believe that packaging waste is as serious a problem as food waste, and even more serious than food waste. However, in the UK, 166 million tons of carbon dioxide produced by food waste far exceeds 10.08 million tons of carbon dioxide produced by packaging

compared with the strict review of Packaging Sustainability, the public's attention to food waste is obviously still low. However, the government, industry and non-governmental organizations in Europe have begun to take relevant actions, and many companies in the plastic packaging industry have also responded

the flexible packaging industry believes that it is of great significance to reduce food waste. Woodall said

paragonprinting packaging, a member of the British packaging and Film Association, recently launched a plastic packaging film, which can extend the shelf life of asparagus from 4 days to 6 days

packaging companies are constantly innovating. Woodall said that the biggest factor promoting innovation is the commercial benefits it brings to packaging companies

the Italian university, which joined the food saving initiative last year, has cooperated with the University of Bologna To study thermoformed packaging for grapes and strawberries on the existing land in China. Pet round flat baskets with different designs can be used for the packaging of fresh agricultural products. They have been tested separately to compare their effects on the concept of the material when it is cooled, which has three characteristics: time, temperature recovery and food preservation time

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