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Valmet's first quarter financial report in 2021: new orders and comparable EBIT increased

release date: Source: time of Valmet's impact tester unloading

Valmet's financial report from January 1 to March 31, 2021: new orders and comparable EBIT increased to 1.3 billion and 80million euros respectively in the first quarter

unless otherwise specified, the data in brackets are comparative data, that is, the data of the same period of the previous year

new orders and comparable EBIT increased in the first quarter

· new orders increased by 11% to 1.312 billion euros (1.187 billion euros)

· new orders for pulping and energy, papermaking and automation business lines increased; The service business line was unchanged from the same period last year

· new orders increased in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), North America and China; South America and Asia Pacific decreased


· comparable EBIT is 80million euros (52million euros)

· the increase in net sales and the reduction in operating costs can include many small central and large structural increases in EBIT

· operating liquidity of EUR 148 million (EUR 173 million)

newly revised financial guidance for 2021:

Valmet predicts that net sales and comparable EBIT in 2021 will increase compared with 2020 (EUR 3.740 billion and EUR 365 million respectively)

the revised 2021 financial guidance (issued on February 24, 2021)

Valmet predicts that the net sales in 2021 will be the same as that in 2020 (3.74 billion euros); Comparable EBIT (comparable EBITA) is the same as 2020 (365million euros)

short term market outlook

Valmet predicts that the short-term market of service business has been improved to a satisfactory level (previously satisfactory/weak); Valmet reiterated that the short-term market for automation, pulping, paperboard and household paper is good; The energy market is weak

PASI Laine, global president and CEO: new orders hit a new high

"in the first quarter of 2021, our new orders increased to 1.312 billion euros, breaking the historical record of new orders in the single" west wind "overwhelming the" east wind "season. The new orders of pulp and energy, paper and automation business lines increased, and the service business lines were unchanged from the same period last year. Outstanding orders also reached a new high, rising to 3.709 billion euros, 452 million euros more than the figure at the end of 2020. Net sales were flat with the same period last year, and comparable EBIT increased. "

"one of the highlights of the first quarter is the launch of the Valmet climate plan - moving towards a carbon neutral future. This plan includes strict carbon dioxide emission reduction targets and specific measures. Its scope covers the whole value chain of the company, including its own operations, supply chain and users' use of Valmet Technology. This plan is in line with the 1.5 ° C temperature control target set in the Paris climate agreement and the United Nations sustainable development goals Requirements. "

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