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Railway construction will reach a record high this year and next

railway construction will reach a record high this year and next

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according to the national railway administration station, the National Railway Administration has prepared the basic thinking of the 13th five year plan for railway development and submitted it to the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of transport. In addition, the State Railway Administration will launch the research on the preparation of medium and long-term railway planning in a timely manner. 7. It has a number of patented technologies (zl200520057906.3; zl200520057907.8)

"the first is general planning, that is, project construction and road construction planning. In addition, the sustainable development of railway investment and financing and classified construction of fa-d ≈ 5 have been emphasized before × The unit of a is m/s2, classified operation, comprehensive land development along the railway, etc., which should also be involved. " Said Li Hongchang, an associate professor at the school of economics and management of Beijing Jiaotong University

Li Hongchang reminded that some problems that the planning itself did not say need the attention of relevant departments, "For example, how to solve and balance the public welfare and enterprise nature of the railway, how to attract social capital and innovate financing channels for different types of railways, how to use flexible administrative separation from enterprises, how to effectively supervise the railway, how to use the market economic system, how to combine with logistics E-commerce to promote the sustainable operation of the railway, and so on."

this year is the last year of the 12th Five Year Plan. According to the "12th Five Year Plan" of the railway, by 2015, the national railway business mileage will reach 120000 kilometers, an increase of 29000 kilometers over 2010; The planned railway fixed asset investment scale is 2.8 trillion yuan, of which 2.3 trillion yuan is capital construction investment and 0.5 trillion yuan is equipment investment

Wang Mengshu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, told the morning post that due to the accelerated construction in all regions, the national railway mileage will reach 140000 kilometers by the end of 2015, which will far exceed the 120000 kilometers of the railway in the 12th Five Year Plan

Wang Mengshu also said that in the future, the focus of China's railway construction will shift from the eastern region to the central and western regions, from major trunk lines to medium and short-distance intercity railways, and "capillaries" will become the key tasks of construction

according to the news released by the National Railway Administration Station on January 6, the National Railway Administration recently approved the release of the railway industry standard "code for design of Intercity Railway" (TB), which will be implemented from March 1, 2015 after being reviewed and approved by the technical committee of the National Railway Administration. This is the first industrial standard for the construction of Intercity Railway in China, which will provide important technical support for attracting local governments and social capital to invest in the construction of intercity railway and accelerating the construction of new urbanization

according to the newly formulated code for design of intercity railway, intercity railway refers to a fast, convenient and high-density passenger dedicated railway that specially serves adjacent cities or urban agglomerations, and the design speed of passenger trains is 200 km/h or less. Generally, it has the characteristics of regional and short distance, and most of it adopts the mode of high-density, group and transit transportation organization. Compared with high-speed railway, intercity railway has significant differences in functional positioning requirements, internal technical characteristics and operation management mode

it is estimated that under the conditions of ensuring safety and the same railway grade, design speed, transportation capacity and transportation efficiency, the static investment of the project adopting the code for design of intercity railway can save more than 10% compared with the original standard of passenger dedicated line

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, China's railway construction encountered twists and turns. From the first year to 2011, affected by the "July 23" bullet train accident, China's new railway mileage was only 2000 kilometers, and only 469billion yuan of railway infrastructure investment was completed in the whole year. This slowdown in investment continued in 2012

in 2013, railway construction picked up, 5500 kilometers of new lines were planned to be put into operation, and the investment in fixed assets was 665.75 billion yuan

in 2014, the railway construction ushered in a comprehensive recovery expressed as a percentage of gauge distance. At the end of that year, Minister of transport Yang Chuantang said at the 2015 national transportation work conference that in 2014, the railway fixed asset investment completed the construction task of 800billion yuan assigned by the State Council

Li Hongchang predicts that China's railway construction will reach the highest point in history this year and next year, and the "12th Five Year Plan" of the railway is more promising to be completed

"because the previous railway planning mainly focused on the construction of lines and hubs, that is, line planning. From the current figures, the goal is achievable, which also shows that the level of China's railway construction is basically in line with the planned layout." Li Hongchang said

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