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The content and form of Intelligent Packaging Technology (I)

I. The definition of intelligent packaging

as early as the 1970s, there was a reference to "intelligence", such as all kinds of intelligent robots and intelligent buildings at that time. The concept of intelligence originates from human activities. The process of people recognizing things: first, the signals are obtained by feeling (seeing, listening, smelling, tasting, touching, etc.), the signals enter the brain through the transmission of various nerve organs, and the action signals are output through brain activities (perception, thinking, recognition, judgment, decision-making, control, management, etc.), and finally the actions are performed by limbs or organs. This is the spontaneous behavior of the human body, and "artificial intelligence technology" is to learn and simulate the spontaneous thinking and behavior laws of the human body to a certain extent, and use artificial mechanisms or devices to replace people to complete some more complex work

in view of the fact that some traditional packaging forms today can not adapt to the changing market trends and can not meet the requirements of increasingly complex circulation systems, people add more intelligent technology components to the packaging through innovative thinking, so that it has functions that traditional packaging technology cannot achieve. If measured by the standard definition of "intellectualization", the "intelligent packaging" may be just a simple title. For the convenience of research and discussion, some technical measures or structural forms that imitate or learn from the principles of human spontaneous cognition and control of things, and individually or comprehensively intervene in products and their packaging are generally defined as "intelligent packaging" in the world

the world's first International Conference on "intelligent packaging" was held in London in December, 1992. The conference defined "intelligent packaging" as: in a package, a product or a product packaging combination, there is an integrated component or an inherent feature, through which the intelligent components that meet specific requirements are given the function of product packaging, or reflected in the use of the product itself. It specifically includes: actively intervene and guarantee the quality and circulation safety of commodities by using new packaging materials, structures and forms; Use information collection, management, control and processing technology to complete the optimization management of the transportation packaging system

intelligent packaging technology is an emerging technology branch that integrates a diverse knowledge base. Creative design and human centered thought are the essence of "intelligent packaging" technology. The emergence of intelligent packaging technology makes commodities and their packaging more friendly to human beings, and makes the man-machine interactive communication of business information simpler. Intelligent packaging will play an important role in protecting the rights and interests of consumers and personal safety, protecting the normal order of the market, facilitating electronic commerce, and developing new forms of product consumption, and has a very broad development prospect

Second, the content and form of intelligent packaging technology

the current intelligent packaging technology should be said to be still in the embryonic stage. Mainly includes; (1) Security type packaging; (2) Active packaging; (3) Electronic information combination packaging, etc

the specific forms are:

* tamper ever packaging

* child-resistant packaging

* counter feit proof packaging

* microwaveable food packaging

* active packaging

* packaging with electronic chip

* traceable transport packaging, etc

1. Security packaging

tamper evident packaging (TEP)

in today's society, it is not uncommon to commit crimes that threaten the safety of consumers by taking some special actions on commodities, such as stealing, tearing, etc. In order to prevent the occurrence of similar cases, in addition to the aftermath, it is obviously very important to strengthen the means of packaging technology

the so-called "stolen packaging" is a kind of packaging in which the internal products can be taken out only by opening or destroying a display or obstacle. Once the display or barrier is damaged, it will provide visible evidence to subsequent consumers -- indicating that the packaging of the original product has been disturbed

The packaging technology of

te varies according to the packaging materials, sales methods, container structure and contents, and can be roughly summarized into the following eight types:

(1) film packaging

wrap a transparent film with identification characteristics firmly around a product or container. The commonly used are pure acrylic lotion, acrylic lotion, styrene acrylic lotion, styrene butadiene lotion, VAE lotion, acrylic lotion, etc. if the contents are used, You must tear or tear this film first

the form of film wrapping can be divided into: comprehensive bonding wrapping -- using adhesive to fully bond the wrapping material with the container, which is suitable for cartons, paper cans, etc. Shrink wrapping -- first place the wrapped object between two shrink films, and use the characteristics of the film shrinking after heating to tightly wrap the product or container. Stretch wrapping -- a method of wrapping the wrapped parts by stretching the stretch film at room temperature. It is mainly used for agricultural products or pallet goods packed in shallow plates

(2) blister TPT; skin packaging

the product is placed on a breathable bottom plate made of paper plastic sheet, which is covered with a packaging film that can be softened by heating. By vacuuming outward from the plate, the film surrounds or fits the product, and the thin film is sealed around the bottom plate

blister packaging is suitable for high-grade food, medicine, handicrafts, metal jewelry, etc. It is also particularly suitable for the collective packaging of supporting products, such as hardware tools, mechanical parts, etc

similar variants include bubble eye packaging, shallow dish packaging, clam shell packaging, strip packaging, etc. Goods can only be obtained by tearing and damaging the plastic cover (bubble or chamber)

(3) shrink the ferrule

shrink the wrapping material at the bottleneck (mouth) with identification characteristics by heating or drying to form a full seal. The closed ferrule must be cut or torn when taking goods

most shrink sleeves are made of oriented films. When the oriented film is heated, it shrinks and tightly hoops the packaging container. The shrink sleeve is also used as a label and anti stealing opening. Most ferrules are made of PVC or PE copolymers

although the shrink ferrule is very applicable to bottles, not all bottles and caps can achieve the best theft detection effect after using the ferrule. The lower part of the bottle mouth thread is equipped with a neck ring, which can make the most effective use of the theft detection function of the shrink ferrule. When opening the bottle cap, the neck ring model is: microcomputer controlled (full-automatic) wood-based panel universal testing machine, which provides the tension necessary to break the shrinkage hoop

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