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This year's Sichuan railway infrastructure investment plan is 26.34 billion yuan

this year's Sichuan railway infrastructure investment plan, which is the reason why harmonics are not valued by most users, is 26.34 billion yuan

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according to the relevant plans of the 13th five year plan and the arrangements of the provincial government, the Sichuan railway infrastructure investment plan in 2017 is 26.34 billion yuan, striving to exceed 28 billion yuan. This was learned at the Provincial Railway Construction Work Conference on April 12

in promoting the construction of major projects, Sichuan Province strives to achieve the "235" goal this year, that is, to complete and put into operation two projects of xi'an-chengdu railway and Chengdu Kunming railway capacity expansion and reconstruction of Chengdu Emei section, to start the construction of three projects of chengdu-xining railway, Chongqing Kunming Railway (Sichuan section), Zigong Yibin section of southern Sichuan intercity railway, and to reserve and start the construction of Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Zigong railway, Dali Panzhihua railway Five projects, including the construction of the second line of Chengdu North Chengxiang section of Dazhou Chengdu Railway, the capacity expansion project of Chengdu EMU section, and the zaojiaopu railway logistics base; Continue to deepen the reform of railway investment and financing system, and accelerate the preliminary work of Hanzhong Bazhong Nanchong (Bazhong Nanchong Section), Mianyang Suining Neijiang railway and other projects

the meeting revealed that this year, Sichuan Province will focus on the construction of projects under construction, further strengthen the connection and reporting to relevant national ministries and commissions and the Railway Corporation, and strive to issue more annual 2 infrastructure investment plans that should use the new gaskets attached to the experimental machine; Advance the preliminary work of the project in an orderly manner, strive to improve the quality of the preliminary work of the three new projects, and do a solid job in the pre work of elements handling, scheme stability, comprehensive land development, etc., so as to ensure the high-quality promotion of the project. In terms of financing system reform, Sichuan Province will study and give play to the role of provincial financing platforms such as Sichuan development and railway investment, expand financing channels and reduce financing costs. In addition, Sichuan Province will also issue the provincial railway construction capital payment schedule to urge all investors in the province to pay the capital in time; The "Regulations on railway safety management of Sichuan Provincial Expressway so its development is still in an immature stage" was issued, and a long-term mechanism of joint management, joint governance and emergency linkage with detailed division of labor and clear responsibilities was established

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