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China railway construction heavy industry won the 5th Hunan provincial governor quality award

China railway construction heavy industry won the 5th Hunan provincial governor quality award

based on its optimistic view of the lithium battery industry and consideration of the company's future development

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quality is not only the pursuit of perfect self-examination, but also the trust and company of ordinary years. Some people say that under the agitation of "made in China 2025", made in China is like a special arena, "thousands of sails race and thousands of enterprises compete for the first". In this arena, "quality is king" is the rule they must abide by. Whoever truly "regards quality as life and safety as benefit" will win the gold medal and become a star attracting worldwide attention. The competition began, with more than 40 powerful enterprises in Hunan competing for three years to win the "governor Quality Award". After a fierce struggle and a lot of hard work, CRCC heavy industry laughed to the end and climbed the highest podium in the field of Hunan manufacturing

meeting site

in the afternoon of June 29, Hunan provincial government video conference room. The 5th Hunan provincial governor quality award and the provincial quality work video conference were held here. At the meeting, general manager Cheng Yongliang was pleased to receive the "Hunan provincial governor Quality Award" trophy from Xu Dazhe, deputy secretary of the Hunan provincial Party committee and governor

CRCC heavy industry won the fifth Hunan provincial governor quality award

the result of quality landing is "good products" and "good products". In railway construction heavy industry, quality management is a real "top-level project", and managers at all levels pay close attention to quality. The chairman of Liuhai water desalination membrane Feixiang has a famous saying about quality. He said, "the quality system should not only be written on paper and hung on the wall, but should be embedded in the business process and fully implement the documents at all levels." For this hard won "gold lettered signboard", chairman Liu Feixiang's award-winning speech was bright: "this is the victory of our quality policy, but also the victory of our values." quality first, the pass moves forward, all staff participation, the pursuit of excellence ", we have achieved! 16 words in exchange for a genuine gold medal, this honor belongs to every railway construction heavy worker, and will encourage our quality management to improve and upgrade."

in fact, the people of CRCC heavy industry incorporated the spirit of craftsmanship into every screw, worked hard with scientific "training" and paid attention to product quality in a multi pronged manner. Develop quality KPIs; Comply with ISO9001 standard 2015; Combined with product characteristics, implement quality procedure documents and three-level documents and realize process, and use the system to ensure product quality; Introduce and practice the "excellent performance management mode"; Supervise the design quality, control the manufacturing inspection, help the supplier's quality audit, evaluate and supervise the service quality, and improve the product quality and service quality; Continue to use PDCA method to establish and follow up the closed loop of key quality problems; Use advanced quality management tools, such as "Taguchi method", "FMECA", etc. Thus, CRCC heavy industry successfully won the trophy in its arms

"the fifth Hunan provincial governor Quality Award" evaluation work, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Hunan provincial governor quality award management measures", through the voluntary declaration of enterprises and individuals, the qualification examination of the evaluation committee office, the on-site evaluation of the expert group, the social satisfaction survey and evaluation of the statistical department, the evaluation committee evaluation and social publicity, and other links, strict examination and review. Finally, the Hunan Provincial People's government issued the "decision on Commending the winners of the fifth Hunan provincial governor Quality Award" on April 1 this year, and awarded the "fifth Hunan provincial governor Quality Award" to 8 units including China railway construction heavy industry group Co., Ltd

at today's award ceremony, eight award-winning enterprises jointly issued the "quality declaration" with the purpose of "strengthening the province by quality and strengthening the enterprise by brand", which solemnly promises to the majority of users and consumers in four aspects: "adhering to winning with quality and occupying the market by quality", "adhering to quality integrity, carrying forward the quality culture expressed by people in the industry", "adhering to people-oriented, ensuring quality safety" and "adhering to brand strategy and constantly pursuing excellence". The award-winning enterprises have attracted media attention. Hunan today, with the title of "excellent products win and innovation forever", reported the advanced practice of railway construction heavy industry to build "national key equipment" with "full life cycle process control"

it is reported that the "Hunan provincial governor Quality Award", which began in 2010, was initially evaluated once a year. Since 2013, according to the provisions of the "measures for the administration of Hunan provincial governor Quality Award", it has been evaluated once every three years and has been held for five times. The "provincial governor Quality Award" aims to thoroughly implement the strategy of strengthening the province by quality, enhance the quality awareness of the whole society, guide and encourage enterprises to adopt advanced quality management methods, and enhance their independent innovation ability and competitiveness

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