Looking back over four decades on IBM’s first home

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Looking back over four decades on IBM’s first home personal computer - Today News Post Today News || UK News

IT was 40 years ago today that IBM launched their first personal computer, instantly transforming the computing market and sparking a long competition with AppleThe Star found that most o.

In a remarkably short space of time after its launch on August 12, 1981, the PC came to dominate the market and it is still spoken of in reverent tones by computer geeksThe second state i. If you have one in the attic, you might want to look it out as original examples can fetch up to £450 on Ebay.

THEY WERE LATE ON THE SCENE, WEREN’T THEYbut they took a phased approach. B?

THE name sort of suggests why. International Business Machines had concentrated almost exclusively on computers for offices and businesses for many years, and the company developed a reputation for being notoriously bureaucratic and unable to respond to a fast-developing and fast-growing market for portable computers.

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