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In March, 2013, the automation software laboratory jointly built by Beijing Yakong Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Huazhong University of science and technology was officially inaugurated. The two sides had a cordial conversation in the reception room of the College of machinery, and reached a consensus on further deepening the cooperation between the two sides in scientific research, personnel training and other fields, and promoting the organic combination of industry, University and research. It can also be used as a functional probe with special geometric dimensions for petroleum exploration and production machinery. As the direction of international adjustment paddle, yacon technology can obtain the required leading automation software brand. It not only provides excellent automation software products and services, but also actively explores cooperation with colleges and universities to cultivate practical talents of automation software, and integrates its own products, technologies The advantages in market and other aspects are combined with the teaching and research of colleges and universities to achieve the goal of returning to the society, mutual win-win and maximizing benefits

at present, the cooperation between Asia control technology and Chinese universities is deepening day by day. The establishment of Huazhong Science and technology automation software laboratory has played a powerful role in promoting the promotion and application of Asia control products and the cultivation of high skilled talents in the University, realizing a win-win situation between the University and enterprises. Asian control technology has been committed to the training of automation technology talents in China, and hopes that more students and teachers can be exposed to the automation products of Asian control technology through the co construction of laboratories

as early as 2001, Asia control technology started the talent training strategy of school enterprise cooperation. Up to now, Asia control technology has established a cooperation project Kingview automation software laboratory with more than 100 colleges and universities across the country. Here we will briefly introduce the protection and maintenance laboratory of hydraulic universal experimental machine equipped with Kingview software with completely independent intellectual property rights. On this basis, we have jointly set up industrial automation software teaching courses and special software training that are not only in line with the market, but also for college students and social automation personnel. Through years of cooperation, a large number of application skilled talents have been cultivated. They are active in all walks of life in the field of industrial control and have accumulated strong strength for the development of China's industrial control software industry

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