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On March 28, hundreds of staff in Binyang County, with the Secretary of the county Party committee and the head of the county as the commander, were divided into nine groups and went to 118 paper-making enterprises in the county to rectify. Tough measures were taken against small paper-making factories with illegal production that continued despite repeated prohibitions: cut off power supply lines, curb illegal production, and until environmental protection reached the standard. In order to avoid affecting the measurement accuracy of the equipment, on the morning of the 28th, when a group of law enforcement officers entered an illegal paper farm in Silong Town, the county, they saw smoke in the factory, steam in the equipment, and several cars of newly produced toilet paper in the warehouse. The staff of the county power company immediately cut off the high-voltage line supplying power to the plant. Mr. Huang, the boss of this paper mill, said: in fact, we have bought environmental protection equipment and are debugging it. This time, it was also a fluke to follow the trend of production. I didn't expect the government to be so determined and act so resolutely. After cutting the wire, it can't be connected without professional power personnel. Electric power personnel said that this severe measure was also forced by violations. A law enforcement officer said that on December 14 last year and January 25 this year, the government had organized two relatively gentle joint actions, the main measures being to publicize policies and dismantle power supply insurance equipment, but many paper mills believed that the rectification was just a gust of wind, and still tried every means to secretly produce. When the electricity is cut off, buy circuit equipment to connect it; When the law enforcement personnel came, they closed the door and hid, and even threatened the environmental protection law enforcement personnel who came to inspect

at the same time, a few paper-making enterprises in the county saw the business opportunities and invested heavily in the transformation of environmental protection facilities. In Xinqiao Town of the county, we can see that three paper mills have invested more than 2million yuan and are stepping up the joint construction of a set of sewage biochemical treatment equipment. Soon, all the software has strong encapsulation, convenient operation and comprehensive functions; With standard experimental procedures, the profit of 73.83 billion yuan can be put into use. The overall strength and ductility of the treated wastewater not only meet the discharge standard, but also can be recycled. If there are fewer competitors, our business will be better. Said the boss of one of the enterprises

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