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Small spacing and transparent screens lead the trend. Conventional screen heads are no longer

after more than 10 years of rapid development, especially after the "blowout" of investment in recent years, the domestic LED display industry has experienced a relatively serious structural surplus, that is, the surplus of medium and low-end homogeneous products. The weak market demand and overcapacity in the industry make the price war in the LED display industry very fierce. To this end, led by a number of enterprises such as lyade and Zhouming, the domestic LED display industry has begun to explore small spacing led since 2012. By 2016, nearly 100 enterprises across the country have been able to mass produce a total of 351 columns of small spacing LED displays or sell them

with the development and improvement of display technology, the application of LED display has gradually moved from outdoor large-scale display to indoor, especially the progress of small spacing technology. Small spacing LED display has been applied to security monitoring, exhibition, business conference and other fields, replacing LCD and DLP products to a certain extent, and the application field of LED display has been significantly expanded. At the same time, with the maturity of small spacing technology and the decline of cost, small spacing LED displays are moving from indoor to outdoor, further expanding the application field of LED displays. It is expected that small spacing LED displays will maintain a high growth rate in the next few years. In 2015, the global small spacing LED market reached 2.4 billion yuan, with a sales growth of 180%. It is expected to exceed 10billion yuan in 2020. Although the growth rate of the small spacing LED market in China has dropped to more than 80%, the global market is still growing significantly. In 2015, the market demand for small spacing LED screens in Europe, America and third world countries increased by more than twice, and finally supported the high growth of the global market for small spacing LED screens

in the display screen Market in the first half of 2016, small spacing LED is undoubtedly the mainstream of the market. Several large-scale model backbone enterprises in the industry, represented by lyade, Zhouming, abison and LianJian, are seizing this blue ocean market in real time. For a long time, an important reason why LED display cannot compete with commercial large screen products represented by LCD is the gap in display effect. With the introduction of high-density and small spacing LED products, this short board has been made up to a great extent. It is precisely because of this that led display began to have a high-profile foundation. At the beginning of its birth, small spacing LED display has been regarded by traditional led enterprises as a magic weapon to break the limitations of outdoor applications of LED display, looking forward to a share in the indoor commercial display market that has never been involved but has a broad market prospect. Undeniably, compared with the traditional indoor large screen splicing, the small spacing LED display does have certain advantages. For example, compared with the LCD splicing screen, it has incomparable seamless advantages; Compared with DLP splicing screen, its application form is more flexible, and it can be equipped with touch, naked eye 3D, 4K and other trendy technologies according to application requirements. It is precisely because of these advantages that the small spacing LED display continues to make efforts in the commercial display market. The compound annual growth rate between 2014 and 2020 is expected to be 7.2%, which will more and more replace the original LCD splicing and DLP market, driving the arrival of the small spacing led era in the whole commercial display market

as another subdivision of the LED display industry, which has grown up after small spacing LEDs in recent years, its development potential cannot be underestimated. With the acceleration of urban construction, even the inventor of this important chemical, ed transparent display screen, with its light and thin, no need of steel frame structure, simple installation and maintenance, good permeability and other characteristics, can be said to hit it off with the glass curtain wall. When applied to the glass curtain wall, it not only has no sense of conflict, but also adds a special aesthetic feeling to the urban architecture because of its fashion, beauty, modernity and science and technology. With the increasingly strict approval process of outdoor LED advertising (an Xianfeng holdings, which has banned outdoor LED display screens in some regions, has invested in the establishment of lithium carbonate extraction joint ventures with Chinese agricultural materials groups, Zhongnong holdings, Xingyuan potash fertilizer, etc.), led transparent screens can be installed in a new form - indoor installation and outdoor viewing into the public's vision. The new application form, the leading development of technology and the design concept close to the public demand make it rise rapidly in a short time, and a new blue ocean market prototype has emerged

the traditional outdoor LED display screen is bulky, difficult to maintain, poor heat dissipation and other weaknesses. If the product quality deviates, it will cause major collapse/fire and other accidents, which will restrict its development. In order to ensure the safety of the public environment, the approval of the outdoor advertising market has become increasingly difficult in recent years, and even the installation of outdoor advertising LED displays has been banned in some regions. Therefore, if LED display enterprises want to seize the market of outdoor advertising, they must break through the current traditional limitations of outdoor advertising, "lightweight" will be one of the development directions of key LED display enterprises. At present, the development of LED transparent screen has brought unprecedented visual experience and new application experience to consumers, enriched the types and display methods of LED display products, filled the gap in the field of LED transparent display, and provided customers with more choices and possibilities

with the increasing design of glass curtain walls in recent years, the demand for personalized design is also higher and higher. The restrictions of conventional outdoor advertising screens are increasing. The standardized characteristics of products will not meet the needs of market diversification. The characteristics of LED transparent screens will fill the deficiencies of conventional display screens, and even replace conventional outdoor advertising screens in the curtain wall design industry

according to statistics, the total area of China's modern glass curtain wall has exceeded 70million square meters, mainly concentrated in urban areas. Such a huge amount of glass curtain wall is a huge potential market for outdoor media advertising. The advertising value of this market has not been fully developed. With the increasing depletion of urban outdoor advertising resources, glass curtain wall will be a new blue ocean in the LED transparent screen application market. This field covers a wide range, such as urban landmark buildings, municipal buildings, airports, automobile 4S stores, hotels, banks, chain stores and other glass curtain wall buildings with advertising commercial value

in addition, at present, most of the LED transparent screens are customized, which are mainly used to assist customers to complete an engineering application project or stage rental application, so that customers' different and customized ideas can be realized. In the future, with the mass production of LED transparent screen, the development space will be very large, and its display technology will be further improved

transparent screen manufacturing enterprises represented by Jinghong, oreda and Yipin optoelectronics have achieved good performance in the past year, and their representative engineering cases have also been spread at home and abroad. The rise of transparent screen has also driven the development of the whole industry. According to incomplete statistics, more than 30 domestic enterprises have set foot in the field of transparent screen

at the same time, in sharp contrast to the prosperity of small spacing led and transparent screen, the traditional LED display screen is no longer in the limelight. Due to the continuous price reduction of LED devices in 2015, LED displays also continued to be depressed in the homogenization price war. In the past, the outdoor display market, which accounted for nearly 60% of the LED display market, was in low demand due to restrictive measures introduced by various regions. In the middle of the year, the collapse of some outdoor advertising companies represented by Champs Elysees media also brought great pressure to traditional LED display enterprises to expand the outdoor application market

the real test of this year's "price rise" storm is the affordability of traditional LED display manufacturers. Traditional LED display companies, which have been accustomed to price cuts, are in an awkward position in this wave of price rises led by chip and packaging device companies. Although there is also the impulse to follow the trend to increase prices, many traditional LED display companies are in a dilemma in the face of fragile demand markets and brutal industry competition. Some enterprises mainly engaged in traditional LED display ended up with both revenue and profits last year. In order to make up for this unfavorable situation, many enterprises increased their efforts to expand overseas markets in 2016, and also penetrated into small spacing, transparent screens and engineering fields with relatively high profits

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