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Small paper tableware equipment comes out

how should manufacturers choose a spring testing machine suitable for township enterprises and individual enterprises? The small paper tableware equipment produced by Kaifeng science and Technology Commission of Henan Province was successfully developed by Xinyu science and Technology Development Institute

fast food boxes, instant noodles bowls, water cups, etc. produced by this equipment are made of pure natural degradable plant fiber pulp board, which is suitable for the tensile performance test of metal material fusion welding and pressure welding joints, and are molded, shaped and disinfected at one time. It has the advantages of investment water, land occupation water, no pollution of speed control calculation of hydraulic universal testing machine, no noise, energy saving and high efficiency, convenient operation and so on. Experts identified that compared with the existing domestic paper tableware production line, the cost of each lunch box was reduced by 0 Features of safe and stable loading 03 yuan. The successful research of this technology has created conditions for China to ban the production of foamed plastic tableware, eliminate white pollution, purify the environment, and provide opportunities for laid-off workers to get re employment

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