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The leading "small target" of Hangcha group turned into the top five forklifts in the world

the leading "small target" of Hangcha group turned into the top five forklifts in the world

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Zhejiang Hangcha group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hangcha group") is one of the largest forklift R & D and manufacturing groups in China at present, and officially landed in the capital market on December 27, 2016, adding another piece to the logistics equipment sector. At present, the company's share price is stable and has been trading for several consecutive days

build a marketing network with high-quality services

Hangcha group's main products are internal-combustion forklifts, electric forklifts and other industrial vehicles. Its predecessor is Hangzhou forklift General Factory, which was also a key enterprise in the original national production of forklifts. It became a joint-stock enterprise through restructuring in 2000. After years of efforts, the company has developed into a leading enterprise in the domestic forklift industry, and also ranked among the top ten forklifts in the world. In 2015, the company's operating revenue was 4.574 billion yuan, and the net profit attributable to the parent company was 357 million yuan. A total of 66700 forklifts were sold, accounting for about 20% of the total forklift sales of domestic enterprises. At present, the group has 63 holding subsidiaries and two participating subsidiaries, with more than 3000 employees. It is one of the top 500 manufacturing and private enterprises in China

since the restructuring, in order to realize the vision of "being the world's strongest forklift enterprise", the company has created a development model of "strong at both ends and excellent in the middle", worked hard to build a high-quality and efficient production support system, cultivated a marketing service network composed of more than 80 sales and service subsidiaries, more than 140 domestic dealers and more than 70 foreign dealers, and established a strong global supplier team at the same time. After more than 10 years of reform and innovation, the comprehensive economic benefit index of Hangcha group has ranked first in the industry for 10 consecutive years

in addition to the domestic market share of nearly 30%, the total export volume of the company has also reached 1/3 of the total export volume of domestic motor forklifts. The company has formed a full series and multi variety product structure of forklifts and other material handling equipment. It is one of the largest forklift export bases in China at present. Its products have been distributed all over the country and exported to more than 130 countries and regions

the rapid growth momentum of the company has a lot to do with its rapid response, the widespread problems of few types, low performance and high price of cloth 3D printing materials, and its perfect and powerful marketing network. The marketing service personnel of Hangcha group account for 1/3 of the total employees of the group. It has more than 60 holding subsidiaries and more than 230 domestic and foreign dealers, and has explored the operation mode of 4S stores. It is the first in the industry to open 400 customer service lines, and the first to launch active mandatory maintenance within three guarantees and limited time to place service, so as to provide high-quality and efficient "value-added services" for domestic and foreign customers in a timely manner, and comprehensively build the company's service brand

innovative technology to produce differentiated products

in recent years, Hangcha group has invested 300million yuan to build a high starting point scientific research base in line with international standards. The technical center of the company has four complete machine research institutes, four department research institutes and the industry's only nationally recognized laboratory testing center. Through the technical breakthrough in recent years, we have developed high-performance forklifts to replace imported products and a series products with higher cost performance. Through continuous insight into the new needs of energy conservation and environmental protection in the market, the newly developed series of counterweight forklifts are favored by the European market because of their low energy consumption and low noise. At present, through continuous technological innovation and product research and development, Hangcha group has 1~32 tons of internal combustion forklift, 0.75~8.5 tons of battery forklift, container forklift, but not all experimental machines can achieve the ideal test results, such as vehicle, tractor, carrier, stacker, cross-country forklift, telescopic arm forklift climbing operation vehicle and other products, with more than 5000 varieties and specifications, and has become the enterprise with the most complete product categories in the industry. It is precisely because of continuous efforts in technological innovation to meet new needs in time that Hangcha group's products are more differentiated and have great competitive advantages at home and abroad

as we all know, talent is the more important soft power of this patent research, which not only deepens the cooperative relationship between China and the UK. Hangcha group also attaches great importance to the cultivation of scientific and technological talents, implements equity incentive measures for scientific and technological personnel, and tries its best to create good working and living conditions for employees, so as to make employees' shuttle buses more comfortable, canteen meals more delicious, office environment elegant, and staff dormitories clean and tidy. All these make Hangcha people feel safe and belong. When many enterprises had difficulties in recruiting workers, Hangcha group did not have such problems. The strength of unity and friendship also enables employees to show their trust and support for the company in terms of relocation and various reforms and innovations. This trust and support has also been continuously transformed into the driving force of enterprise production, management and scientific research

due to these efforts, the market scale of the company is also growing. In just a few years, Hangcha group has attracted customers from all countries at home and abroad. From hard work to selling products overseas, to customers from all over the world competing to "grab" orders from enterprises, Hangcha group has inadvertently completed a magnificent turn. In order to meet the greater market demand, the company continues to expand its production capacity. After moving to Lin'an Economic Development Zone, the group's production capacity has been expanded to 80000 sets, becoming the world's largest forklift manufacturing base. The person in charge of the company said, "the R & D and investment of Hangcha group are not temporary and local, but consistent." Its new technology center building, expanded national accreditation laboratory, large tonnage forklift production line, export finished products warehouse and other first-class facilities have attracted the attention of global merchants, and once again ensured the influence of the company in the industry at home and abroad

actively fulfill the society

in addition to strengthening the "service-oriented" marketing network and actively improving production technology, as a leading enterprise in the domestic forklift industry, the company has not forgotten the society it wants to fulfill. In recent years, the company has made great efforts to develop low-carbon, environment-friendly and energy-saving products, and its annual investment in science and technology has reached more than 3%. The company also actively participates in various public welfare activities. Hang Cha group can often be seen in major activities such as 49100 assistance project, Lianxiang Jiecun activity, spring breeze action, citizen love day and so on. Hangcha Group invested hundreds of millions of yuan to build a low-carbon industrial park. It is precisely because of this social consciousness that it won medals such as "advanced enterprise in environmental protection of Hangzhou laboratory machine manufacturers who discuss the allocation of laboratory machines with different procedures for data detection", "cleaner production enterprise in Hangzhou", "advanced enterprise in social construction in Hangzhou"

through continuous efforts, Hangcha group has not only won the recognition of domestic customers, but also dared to compete on the platform of globalization, aiming at the goal of the top five forklifts in the world, and focusing on the vision of "being the strongest forklift enterprise in China", and bucked the trend. It has called the strength and brands of made in Hangzhou and made in China not only in the domestic market, but also in the markets of Europe, America and other developed countries

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