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"Small traffic jams are pleasant and big traffic jams hurt people" car union layout smart cars have great prospects

how long do you get stuck on the road every day? The traffic in megacities has always been uncomfortable. For many years, many people have been "calm". In the morning and evening rush hours, you can even calculate the expected congestion time and travel in advance to avoid missing an appointment. However, during daily hours, those "inexplicable" and sudden traffic jams are always a headache. There was no crash, no road construction, and even no illegal driving, but the traffic flow suddenly blocked. After a long period of stagnation, the road was inexplicably smooth. What causes congestion? We must consider energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality comprehensively? Can we solve it

according to 2016 data, the average traffic jam in Beijing is about 3 hours a day on weekdays. Such calculation is equivalent to 30 days of traffic jam in a year. You know, there are only 10 legal holidays in a year; If you can drive for 30 years in your life, it's equivalent to 900 days spent in traffic jams. When will there be a solution to this city's stubborn disease

because there are often small differences between the speeds of different vehicles, even if no one makes a mistake, congestion will still occur. They call this "phantom traffic jams". In high-density traffic, small interference (such as the driver braking too hard or too close to another car) will soon become a self-sustaining traffic jam that can be amplified into several excellent enterprises in China (such as Lepu medical, tiger medicine, etc.) and realize the proportion of copper alloy new materials developed by Guoliang copper in different sub sectors, which is more mature than the cross-border integration of Baiyin. This is the "Butterfly Effect" on urban roads. Because the acceleration of different vehicles is not synchronized, when a road is full of vehicles, even if the driving speed fluctuates a little, it will be gradually amplified.

from the British Daily Mail According to the report, a study conducted by Dr. Eddie Wilson, Department of engineering mathematics, University of Bristol, UK, in 2010 proved this. Wilson believes that congestion can be attributed to different speeds and some drivers' "bad habits", such as sudden braking and unnecessary lane changing. A sudden lane change of a car will cause all the vehicles behind it to slow down. Once this very subtle speed change is enlarged, it will bring a chain effect

what should we do? Let the car fly

no, it's too far away from business. At this time, the focus of solving the problem should be from the improvement of the technology of the car itself, "upgrading" to the category of car coupling at a broader level, that is, to realize the intelligent transportation from roads to cities in the macro level, and to improve the logistics and management efficiency of enterprises in the micro level. Similarly, there are many dark technologies in this field that are not known to the public

in urban intelligent traffic management, for example, Taizhou Municipal government has the ability to realize 200million data in 3 seconds through Xeon processor and distributed big data technology, making it possible to analyze fake license plates in real time, greatly improving the performance of vehicle tracking and effectively improving local road traffic

in terms of logistics management and efficiency, a small telematics box can solve big problems. At the front end, it is installed in the logistics truck to obtain driving habits, fuel consumption, location and other information; The back-end is connected to the cloud computing and big data analysis platform, so that logistics enterprises can make overall planning and scheduling. According to Xia's mood, Le Bei said that this small box can actually save 10% of the overall fuel consumption and 37% of the fatigue driving rate for logistics companies. Isn't this kind of commercial black technology that saves money and is safe and convenient also cool

technological innovation has great potential in terms of driving experience, car enterprise R & D, logistics efficiency and road transportation. This kind of layout in the field of intelligent vehicles from the perspective of car service will be a larger chess game

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