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Small packages of agricultural materials are convenient for all villagers

"next year, it is still necessary to pre buy the land, so that it is difficult to identify the yield point and fertilizer. Regardless of the shortage of market supply, we can cultivate and fertilize on time!" Huang Dajie, a farmer in Renli Town, our city, sighed while picking fertilizer at the Renli distribution point of the agricultural means company

last winter, sister Huang had ordered the fertilizer required for this spring in advance at the Renli distribution point of the agricultural means of production company, and paid the required amount in advance. "In the spring of this year, although the supply of chemical fertilizer, especially ammonium bicarbonate, was tight, and the price also increased a little, the store owner still sold me the chemical fertilizer in priority according to the fertilizer price last year."

take a closer look, this agricultural means of distribution store mainly sells fertilizers, seeds, pesticides and other agricultural means of production. Farmers come in from time to time to buy things in the store

an aunt happily chose a bag of small package chemical fertilizer. It turned out that her 0.5 Mu tomatoes had entered the peak fruit period and needed to be sprayed with a small amount of compound fertilizer. However, due to the small amount of fertilizer, she was worried about the large package chemical fertilizer of 50 kg per bag. Smart businesses timely launched small packages of agricultural materials according to the needs of farmers, which can be bought and used immediately, avoiding the decline in fertilizer efficiency caused by improper storage. It is popular with farmers. At present, some electronic tensile testing machine screw rods on the market are reasonable and expected projects, and the cost is met with T-shaped ordinary screw rods

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