The hottest small pear flower has a large economy,

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Xiaolihua has great economic food machinery to help build the pear flower industry

Abstract: today, with the promising market prospect of pear flower, some fruit farmers with business acumen are no longer satisfied with simply selling pear flowers, but focus on the deep processing of fresh pear flowers, improve the added value of products, and prepare to make more money on pear flowers

"suddenly, like the spring breeze of a night, thousands of trees and pear flowers bloom". Maybe Cen Shen, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, just saw the beautiful pear flowers in front of him, and wrote a masterpiece handed down to future generations. It may not have occurred to me that nowadays, in addition to its ornamental tourism value, pear flower has been developed into various products, such as pear pollen, pear flower tea, pear flower cake, pear flower wine, clear division of responsibilities and time schedule requirements, pear flower cream, although pear flower is small, it is actually full of treasure

today, with a promising market prospect for pear flowers, some fruit farmers with business acumen are no longer satisfied with simply selling pear flowers, but are looking at the deep processing of fresh pear flowers, improving the added value of products, and preparing to make more money on pear flowers. According to relevant personnel, under normal circumstances, about 300 kilograms of pear flowers can produce one kilogram of pollen. If the price of each kilogram of pollen is basically maintained at about 8000, the profit per kilogram of pollen can reach 700 yuan

however, the author understands that because the step of picking flowers takes a long time and the flowers bloom quickly, the pollen sacs and petals will burst soon if they are not separated in time. Therefore, only by improving the efficiency of pollination can the yield of pear pollen be stabilized

it is reported that a villager in Yangxin, Binzhou City, Shandong Province transformed the original electric screening machine to replace manual sorting of pollen sacs from petals. After the transformation, the equipment only needs to pour the picked pear flowers from the feeding port, the petal fragments go from the upper layer, the screened pollen sacs go from the lower layer, and finally the pollen sacs are directly separated from the petals. It can process about 1000 Jin of pear flowers every day, which greatly improves the production efficiency

after that, the separated pollen sacs are processed into pollen through seven or eight processes, such as pulverizing, drying and sifting. The equipment used includes pulverizer, dryer, sifter, etc. The petals and pedicels of pears can not only be used as organic fertilizer, but also be dried in the sun and fed to animals as feed, which can be described as turning waste into treasure

it is understood that two batches of pear pollen in Zhao county have been successfully exported to Japan, and the area is developing the use of petals and pedicels to make fertilizer, or to make pear flowers into flower tea, so as to further improve the economic benefits of pear flowers

according to insiders, at present, enterprises are still in the research stage of making flower tea from pear flowers, and the relevant processing technology needs to be further explored. However, the drying link is similar to other flower tea (such as chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, Jasmine), and mechanized drying is the development trend

as we all know, chrysanthemums generally go through many processes, such as picking, cleaning, killing, drying, packaging and so on. In terms of drying, the traditional drying process of steaming before drying is not only greatly affected by the weather, but also the quality of dried chrysanthemums is difficult to guarantee. However, the chrysanthemum killing dryer not only ensures the drying efficiency, but also ensures the drying quality of chrysanthemums

the author learned that the tunnel type green killing dryer launched by an enterprise in Xi'an integrates green killing and drying. After the microwave green killing is completed, the finished product is dried once by hot air equipment. The dried flowers have uniform dryness and green color. Now a total of 27 enterprises and workshops have been built in the world and can be built in the first half of 2017. It does not damage and change the nutritional components of materials at all, and has sterilization function at the same time. In addition, microwave cyanidation has the advantages of fast drying speed and high efficiency, which improves the work efficiency by more than four times compared with conventional drying technology. 5. Extended automatic tracking range: 800mm, about the cost of energy consumption

in general, therefore, the requirement for system stiffness is not high. In the past, pear flowers were either picked to play, or naturally withered during flowering, resulting in a waste of resources. With the help of relevant food processing machinery, pear flower has become a "fragrant cake". Not only the petals and pedicels are used as fertilizer or feed, but also the flowers can be processed into pear flower tea, and can be made into nutritious food, which has promoted the development of pear flower processing industry

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