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The output value of small cardboard reached ten million, and the orders of this factory in Zhejiang are hot

release date: Source: Chief song of Zhejiang made an important introduction to the plastic material management and control mode of Great Wall Motors; Cao Du, vice president of Chang'an Automotive Engineering Research Institute, made the whole venue full of atmosphere

how much benefit can a piece of "corrugated paper" produce in a year? Sun Minwei, chairman of Zhejiang Jia pet products manufacturing Co., Ltd., gave the answer: tens of millions

behind the hot orders, it comes from a product - cat scratch board

recently, I came to Zhejiang Jia pet products manufacturing Co., Ltd. located in Zhejiang Haiyan Baibu Economic Development Zone (Baibu town), and the employees are constantly receiving orders, packaging, and shipping... "Working overtime every day, the order is still too late." Sun Minwei told

behind the hot order comes from a product - cat scratch board. It is reported that good lubrication in Zhejiang can take away the heat generated by friction. At the beginning of its establishment, Jiajia pet products manufacturing Co., Ltd. was mainly engaged in various trademark printing, with low added value and annual output value of only a few million. Since 2012, the company began to transform and upgrade, aiming at the pet market, and independently developed and produced cat scratch board products, filling the domestic gap

the output value rose against the trend, and the total output value is expected to exceed more than 50 million this year.

in the finished product area, you can see interesting and vivid cat scratch board products with different shapes. "Product shapes can also be customized." It is reported that at present, the company has registered 3 trademarks and 6 invention patents. "In March last year, our company registered in the United States was also officially established."

it is learned that the cat scratch board products produced by jiapet are mainly exported to Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea, and the sampling rate can reach 20 per second. They are classified according to force measurement methods: mechanical force measurement experimental machine and electronic force measurement experimental machine; 0 countries and other places. "This year, despite the rise in the price of raw materials affected by the epidemic, the company has tapped potential in processing, operation, transportation and other links to reduce consumption and minimize the impact of the epidemic." Sun Minwei said that the total output value is expected to exceed more than 50 million this year

it will further expand the domestic retail market and create a "pet paradise"

the rise in output value is inseparable from its own "hard power". In order to improve product quality, jiapet has set up a technology company. "The company mainly solves the problems of new products, technology, design and so on. Next, we will launch an app, including online consultation, pet beauty, foster care and other services." Sun Minwei said that this year, the company will also develop corrugated household products and corrugated office products, and add cat litter workshops and pet ice pad workshops to further expand productivity

it is worth mentioning that next, jiapet will further expand the domestic retail market, and strive to cover the entire pet industry with products and services to create a "pet paradise"

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