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Honghe, Yunnan Province: recycling "small waste bags" to practice the concept of green development

release date: Source: China County Economic Daily

Honghe tobacco Department, Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, has developed on-site collection, special warehouse storage, and With innovative measures such as recycling and reprocessing, the manufacturer can recycle more than 3000 kilograms of "plastic film waste" every year

at 9:00 a.m. every Thursday, at the door of the "Liangyan firm" store in Datun Town, Gejiu City, Yunnan Province, the tobacco logistics delivery truck at Mengzi transfer station of the logistics branch of the Honghe Prefecture tobacco Department will appear on time. After completing the goods handover procedures, the deliveryman will easily take the cigarette plastic packaging film collected by the store the previous day to the logistics truck, and urge the shopkeeper to put the opened plastic packaging into a bag for the next recycling. Shopkeeper Li Shuangyan said that by changing from carton packaging to reusable plastic box packaging, garbage was significantly reduced

since this year, Honghe tobacco Department has recycled the plastic film of cigarette packaging, which has been applauded by customers for its new approach of energy conservation, environmental protection and green recycling

two "easy" recycling garbage of more than 3000 kg

"Liangyan firm" owner Li Shuangyan said that after opening the plastic film of the outer package, he conveniently put the plastic film into a bag. After a period of time, he formed the habit of collecting and put an end to the pollution of "plastic film garbage"

for the delivery clerk, when delivering goods, ask the shopkeeper one more question: "is there a collected plastic film for cigarette packaging? If so, let me take it away easily." In this way, the pollution of "plastic film garbage" is reduced. According to the person in charge of the logistics branch of Honghe tobacco Department, in order to make these two "easy" habits, the company first issued the "proposal for recycling cigarette packaging" to all cigarette retailers in the state, calling on the majority of cigarette retailers to collect the plastic film of cigarette packaging and hand it over to the logistics and distribution personnel for unified recycling

at present, there are four tobacco logistics stations in Mengzi, Maitreya, Jianshui and Yang, with more than 10 patented technology transfer stations, which undertake the logistics distribution tasks of more than 16000 cigarette retail outlets in 13 counties and cities and hundreds of thousands of cigarette sizes every day. The head of the logistics pump station oil tank adopts fully enclosed design branch said that in order to win the green "recycling war" of cigarette packaging plastic film and turn "plastic film waste" into treasure, the company has formulated the "2020 implementation plan for the recycling and disposal of cigarette packaging plastic film and waste cigarette boxes". By the end of September, about 2500 kilograms of plastic film had been recycled, and it is expected to reach more than 3000 kilograms by the end of the year

improve the management mechanism, promote green circulation and win-win

hundreds of bags of recycled plastic films are neatly stacked in the warehouse of cigarette logistics Mengzi transfer station. The head of the transfer station said, "these recycled plastic films are collected by the delivery staff from retail merchants. Next, they will be compressed and packaged and returned to the factory for recycling."

through innovative measures to promote the recycling of plastic film for cigarette packaging, Honghe tobacco system has achieved the centralized recycling of "plastic film waste", promoted the cleaning of stores, reduced urban and rural white pollution, and reduced the waste classification workload of environmental sanitation stations. At present, Honghe tobacco plastic film recycling has been in the forefront of the tobacco system in the province and even the whole country

it is understood that in order to save energy, reduce consumption and improve the living environment, the tobacco Department of Honghe Prefecture has purchased two energy-saving and environment-friendly new energy freight vehicles this year and took the lead in putting them into operation at the Mengzi transit station of tobacco logistics. Through continuous innovation, Honghe tobacco logistics has taken the lead in green, sustainable and healthy development

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