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Jining, December 15 - on the morning of December 14, "Jiuzhou Fudi Duanxin Yanzhou", the national mainstream media Yanzhou travel interview group, came to Shandong Yonghua Machinery Co., Ltd. to visit and interview. Shandong Yonghua Machinery Co., Ltd. has been actively seeking new prospects in China's wood and plastic packaging industry. Founded in 2007, the company has been committed to the R & D and manufacturing of high-quality CNC machine tools. Its main products include high-speed vertical machining center, large gantry machining center, heavy gantry boring and milling machine, high-precision milling and boring machining center and five axis machining center, which are widely used in aerospace, military industry, shipbuilding, automobile, wind power, electronics Mold and many other manufacturing fields

as soon as they entered the enterprise, the interview group was attracted by a row of "round boxes" in the exhibition area. There was a steel needle as thick as hair in the round box, which could not even be seen without careful inspection. "This is the needle type test piece we use to test the accuracy and stability of machine tools. It is the test method our company has learned from a machine tool enterprise in Switzerland." Chen Zhou, general manager of Shandong Yonghua Machinery Co., Ltd., told that the needle shaped specimen has achieved a thickness of 0.06mm, while a human hair is about 0.08mm. "At present, the world can only make needle shaped test pieces up to 0.04mm, and we are now among the best in China."

Chen Zhou told that in recent years, the company has vigorously promoted the strategy of revitalizing the enterprise through science and technology and innovation driven development, and has successively established four provincial scientific research platforms, including the "provincial engineering technology research center", "provincial enterprise technology center", "provincial engineering research center" and "provincial one enterprise one technology research and development center", creating a research and development team of nearly 50 people composed of senior experts and technical backbones in the industry, It has purchased more than 30 imported R & D and process equipment such as German Zeiss coordinate measuring instrument and Swiss Dixi high-precision coordinate boring machine, and built a 15000m2 constant temperature and dust-free production workshop with constant temperature purification control using ground source heat pump technology, which provides a reliable hardware guarantee and a good environment for the R & D and manufacturing of various high-quality CNC machine tools. "At present, we are the only machine tool factory in China that fully applies new materials, that is, applies mineral casting technology to products." Chen Zhou said that through vigorous research and development and continuous innovation, Yonghua machinery has undertaken 25 national, provincial and municipal science and technology projects, won 129 intellectual property rights, including various patents, 16 science and technology awards, and 6 scientific and technological achievement appraisal certificates, and the overall technical level has reached the domestic leading level

in April 2018, Shandong Yonghua Machinery Co., Ltd.'s "high speed bridge gantry five axis linkage machining center --ry-gb8550bf5" won the "spring swallow Award" at the China CNC machine tool exhibition. "Chunyan Award" is the most authoritative selection activity in China's machine tool industry, which has been highly valued by the industry and recognized by the public. The declared product must be a domestic independent brand, a new product of independent innovation developed recently, with remarkable innovation achievements, advanced level of international similar products or domestic leading level, high localization rate, stable and reliable quality, and good market prospect. It can meet the needs of the national economy and national defense construction. Yonghua machinery's "high-speed bridge gantry five axis linkage machining center --ry-gb8550bf5", the overall layout adopts overhead bridge structure. The "box in box" beam spindle box has the advantages of light weight and high rigidity. The built-in c-axis reduces the use cost of the machine tool. The center of gravity drive and dual servo clearance elimination have a very high technical level

"our enterprise proposed that 'German technology is synchronized with made in China'. By learning and absorbing German advanced machine tool manufacturing technology, many of our products have been comparable with foreign products and even replaced imports." Chen Zhou said that in the future, Yonghua machinery will adhere to the high-end manufacturing concept of "specialty, precision and specialty" and the business cooperation concept of "product first, sincere cooperation", provide users with more advanced processing equipment and more efficient processing schemes, and contribute more to promoting the technological progress and social and economic development of the industry

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