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Strengthening enterprises by science and technology, serving the country through industry -- responding to energy conservation and emission reduction, creating the soul of the nation in a prosperous era, LIANTENG

[electromechanical news] historical changes, the choice of the times

the stars and the moon are waning, and thousands of lights are dim. Thousands of years of oil lamp history finally declined. In 1879, Edison lit up the light of technology, marking the official end of the era of open flame lighting. Incandescent lamp endows mankind with the dream of light

as light alternates day and night, the development of science and technology has never stopped. The rapid development of semiconductor technology and electronic information technology has given birth to rapidly changing scientific and technological products, and a new era has quietly opened

incandescent lamps, which have benefited mankind for more than a century, are getting worse. The relevant regulations issued this year to completely eliminate the use of incandescent lamps by October 1, 2015 undoubtedly sounded the death knell for the dying incandescent lamp era

the global energy crisis has become a consensus, energy conservation and emission reduction has become a universal value, natural energy such as oil, natural gas and rare earth mines will eventually be exhausted, and the lighting scheme for sustainable development needs to be established. Metal halogen lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps and LED lamps with higher luminous efficiency have been born one after another, thus forming the situation of three parts of the world in the lighting era

led era, how far is it

led era has arrived

excellent quality, technology pride

led application, is no longer satisfied with the lighting field. With the unprecedented prosperity of electronic information technology, LED display products have attracted much attention. They are widely used in commercial advertising, live broadcasting, traffic guidance, stage performance and other fields, and gradually become a new favorite

compared with metal halogen lamp and high-pressure sodium lamp products, LED lamp is no inferior. Its remarkable characteristics such as high brightness, energy saving, low attenuation and environmental protection are widely known, and LED display screen also breaks through the size limit of traditional LCD, taking the lead with its advantages of ultra-clear, true color, full-color and large viewing angle, and is favored by consumers

led, which integrates three elements of science and technology, fashion and environmental protection, is on the road of industrialization and sweeping the world

forge ahead and strive for the upper reaches

developed countries led by the United States, Japan and other countries master the core technology of LED display and occupy the upper reaches of the LED industry. Cree, Nichia and other international chip manufacturers are at the forefront of LED research and development, and have turned to the formulation of International LED standards, which means that led oligarchs are trying to replicate Rockefeller's blueprint for the oil kingdom

where is the Chinese led

almost half of the global commodities are directly or indirectly made in China, and almost half of the LED products circulating in the world are full of the sweat and blood of Chinese workers. Over the past many years, made in China has continued the ancient Silk Road and opened the door to the world

with years of hard work, China's led development situation is gratifying. Chinese led enterprises are gradually shifting their development focus from production technology to core technology development, evolving from traditional made in China to created in China. Although there are still bottlenecks in the research and development of high-power chips, with the increasing focus of research and development, Chinese led enterprises are expected to make breakthroughs in the short term, and then fundamentally grasp the right to speak

In recent years, LED products have appeared frequently at large-scale international sports events and expositions bid by China, showing the unique charm of national brands to the world

from the Beijing Olympic Games to the 60th anniversary ceremony of the national day, from the Shanghai WorldExpo to the Guangzhou Asian Games, from the Shenzhen Universiade to the China open, LED displays perform a beautiful visual feast. As a direct participant in these large-scale projects, LIANTENG technology, on behalf of national led enterprises, has witnessed brilliance and brilliance, and also drawn an immortal chapter

from the development history of LIANTENG technology, we can see the trajectory of many well-known Chinese led enterprises. LIANTENG was founded in 2005. At that time, China's led development was taking shape, and the application market was very limited. Fortunately, a large number of enterprises focusing on the middle and upper reaches of LED had been born, which laid the foundation for the construction of China's LED brand in the next few years. At the beginning of its birth, LIANTENG took the night market as the starting point. After the success of the water test, it determined the core strategy, and the in-depth exploration and wide application of the special-shaped screen played a key role in its occupation of the bulk market and leading position. With accumulation, we will take advantage of the situation and seize the commanding height in one fell swoop. The reputation of "king of LED abnormal display" is announcing the standing and rise of LIANTENG

standard formulation, core competition

today, the development of China's LED industry has gradually moved towards the stage of standardization and marketization. Guangdong Province is taking the lead in formulating the LED industry standard draft, which is expected to be released quickly. At that time, based on Guangdong, the standardization route of China's LED industry will be fully unblocked

science and technology are the primary productive forces. To develop and grow, China's led enterprises ultimately rely on advanced science and technology. Medium and low-end production-oriented enterprises should pay attention to the improvement of production technology, and strive to be well-done and reliable in quality. Medium and high-end innovative enterprises should pay attention to product research and development and technological innovation, so as to ensure that the scheme is complete and invincible. Having core competitiveness, improving production capacity and exploring the market are the three true flames of enterprise prosperity, while science and technology are the kindling. Only when the level of science and technology is improved, can we talk about development and prosperity

At present, the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee has put forward the requirement of "adhering to lofty ideals". The Chinese people should think deeply, and Chinese enterprises should think deeply. Chinese led enterprises are shouldering the glorious mission of exploring new industries, opening up new industries and revitalizing new industries. Led enterprise pioneers represented by LIANTENG are working hard to innovate and actively explore a modern enterprise development road of strengthening enterprises and serving the country. The second is Xi'an Zhongbang titanium biomaterial Co., Ltd. as said, "difficulties and hardships make you succeed". Chinese led enterprises have deepened patriotism and nationalism into enterprise management, integrated into enterprise culture, unswervingly implemented and implemented, and become the source power of enterprise development

based on this noble development concept, Chinese led enterprises represented by LIANTENG have made amazing achievements after several years of growth

in 2008, at the opening and closing ceremony of the Olympic sailing competition in Qingdao, the LED display screen was elegant, and LIANTENG won its first battle, successfully showing the national led brand to the world

in 2009, at the 60th National Day ceremony, the LED of the floats of the central ministries and commissions flashed brightly, and LIANTENG continued to be brilliant, offering gifts to the motherland

in 2010, the LED display screen at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Shanghai WorldExpo was magnificent and elegant. LIANTENG made persistent efforts and once again stood on the world stage

2010, the Guangzhou Asian Games sail LED display screen is fantastic, LIANTENG Fupu Huazhang, shocking. The correct installation method is to screw the sensor to the world first

in 2011, the LED display screen at the closing ceremony of Shenzhen Universiade was enthusiastic and unrestrained, and the LIANTENG pressure axis reappeared, adding icing on the cake to the grand event


strengthening enterprises through science and technology, and serving the country through industry

the rise of LIANTENG represents the rise of national self-confidence. A large number of led enterprises are growing rapidly and constantly providing high-quality LED products and services for China and the world. The era of market monopoly and technological repression has gone forever, and the real Chinese led enterprises are leaping

LIANTENG's path of serving the country through industry is exactly what many entrepreneurs have explored and pursued in history and modern history. If listing is to seek more capital, then establishing lofty values is to implant a great soul into the enterprise. Only in this way can the enterprise be strong and the nation be revitalized

LIANTENG is just a piece of the sea among China's led enterprises. Adhering to the development strategy of "strengthening enterprises through science and technology and serving the country through industry", it actively responded to the call of energy conservation and emission reduction, and won social recognition and respect with the title of "king of LED heteromorphic display". These achievements are hard won and are closely related to patriotism and nationalism inherited by the Chinese nation from generation to generation

a song "loyal to serve the country" resounded through LIANTENG, which perfectly interpreted the pure heart of boxing, sang the broad prospects of led development, and also played a triumphant song of the development of China's LED industry

led, promising

Shengshi LIANTENG witnessed the take-off of China's LED

the future is for China

(source: electromechanical correspondent: xiaoyansong: Shi Shuifeng)

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