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Technology upgrading: a breakthrough in the supply side reform of construction machinery

technology upgrading: a breakthrough in the supply side reform of construction machinery

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recently, 2016 construction machinery product development (Beijing) forum and China construction machinery annual Top50 award ceremony were held in Beijing. More than 200 representatives from China Construction Machinery Industry Association and its subordinate branches, national construction machinery quality supervision and inspection center, relevant industry associations, construction machinery manufacturing enterprises and construction enterprises attended the event. Last year, the downward pressure on China's economy increased, and the construction machinery industry was also facing a more difficult external environment based on the characteristics of PPS resin. Many construction machinery enterprises dig deep into the latest needs of users and develop new products that meet subdivision fields and special working conditions; Starting from the supply side reform, we should constantly improve the core technology and intelligence of products, and create ingenious products with craftsmanship. According to the situation of the award-winning products, the key technologies of many products have made breakthroughs, and the reliability and durability have been greatly improved

focus on special application fields to meet user needs

although the economy has entered the downward channel, the demand for construction machinery products in some special fields has not decreased. Petroleum, chemical, wind power, mining, marine and other sub sectors have limited demand for construction machinery products, and put forward more stringent requirements for function and reliability. In order to meet the construction needs of these projects and break through the technical bottleneck of the R & D and manufacturing of large-scale construction machinery, many construction machinery enterprises have devoted themselves to the research of related technologies, which have been widely used, realizing the technological upgrading of the industry and achieving good economic and social benefits

xca5000 all terrain crane of XCMG, which won the golden finger award, is the world's largest tonnage and longest main boom all terrain crane that has been tested in the market at present, with a maximum lifting torque of 8000tom, a full extension of 105m for eight main booms, and a maximum operating range of 138m. Without the help of external hoisting equipment, it can realize the rapid installation and disassembly of the boom, and the heavy load transfer efficiency is high. Since its launch, the product has completed a cumulative lifting volume of 26400t

in recent years, domestic manufacturing enterprises have made remarkable achievements in tunnel construction machinery. They can not only independently develop subway tunnel construction shield machines, but also have mature products in hard rock tunnels and tunnel machinery multifunction. The ztt7565 dual-mode inclined shaft TBM, which won the Gold Award for technological innovation this time, integrates excavation, lining, slag removal and transportation, especially the maintenance is particularly important as time goes on! In this chapter, we learn about several problems that need to be paid attention to for the pendulum impact testing machine, as well as the functions of ventilation and drainage. At the same time, it has two modes of shield and TBM. Through the mode conversion, it can adapt to the excavation and tunneling of soft rock, hard rock and composite stratum and other different complex geology. This product has the advantages of good construction safety, fast construction speed, high tunnel forming quality and low operation cost. It meets the requirements of safe, environmental protection and fast well construction. It is an innovative work for long-distance and large slope inclined shaft construction

at the same time, wittgen w50h cold milling machine, Nanfang road machinery mixed construction waste recycling treatment system, Fangyuan hzs180d offshore engineering mixing plant and other award-winning products have solved the specific problems of municipal maintenance, urban waste treatment, and offshore platform transfer and transportation respectively. These innovative products have a positive role in promoting the technical level of the industry

pay attention to core technologies and take the initiative in the market

in recent years, in the face of changes in the market environment and the needs of sustainable development of enterprises, enterprises have spared no effort in the investment of key core technologies, and new technologies and new achievements continue to emerge. These products not only improve the performance and reliability of products, but also accumulate strength for enterprises to enhance their core competitiveness

Sany sy485h crawler excavator, which won the golden finger award, has solved the three common problems of high fuel consumption, low efficiency and poor reliability under heavy load conditions and domestic fuel adaptability problems, and has become a pioneer landmark product for domestic excavators to advance to medium and large-scale. It is worth mentioning that sy485h has completed a comprehensive durability test verification for the worst mine conditions before being put on the market. Including 3000h full load stonework impact working condition durability, 200H vibration runway, 800H heavy load walking, 100h rotation durability, 750000 times of working device fatigue durability, 2000h extremely poor fuel durability, etc

XCMG xgc650 crawler crane has achieved a total of 11 sales, with the market share ranking first in the industry. It has completed the hoisting of 17 3MW fans and 330 2 MW fans. Tianshun Great Wall SP paver adopts a number of innovative technologies, such as optimizing the material conveying and distribution system and improving the rigidity of the chassis, which effectively solves the problem of material segregation in super wide paving. This product has a market share of more than 60% in 16m wide pavers. With the help of unique core technology, these products have taken the initiative in the market and achieved good sales performance in the downturn of the economic environment, which is really rare

innovation driven products enter the era of intelligence 2.0

currently, "made in China 2025" proposes innovation driven and intelligent transformation. Intelligent application will undoubtedly become the development trend of construction machinery products in the future. It is found from the award-winning list that the intelligence of the main models has been improved to varying degrees

XCMG xg822i intelligent excavator is an intelligent excavator with independent intellectual property rights. It uses "electronic control" instead of "hydraulic control", which realizes the performance improvement and cross generation upgrading of the control system of construction machinery. It is a successful representative of the integration of aviation technology and construction machinery. In addition, XCMG xg958i Intelligent Loader breaks through the key technical bottleneck of the integration of Intelligent Electro-Hydraulic Control System of domestic construction machinery, and realizes the transformation of loader from traditional mechanical or pilot hydraulic control technology to advanced intelligent and efficient electro-hydraulic control. Therefore, it needs high-end technologies such as high-temperature film-forming process. These two products won the honorary titles of the Gold Award for technological innovation and the Top50 annual product award respectively

Shantui dh17 full hydraulic bulldozer adopts a double circuit closed hydrostatic drive system and a unique overall performance control strategy, realizing the integrated control of the overall machine with the unification of efficient operation and fuel economy. Liugong clg8128h wheel loader adopts split torque converter, electronic control automatic shift transmission, high load-bearing drive axle and intelligent thermal management electro-hydraulic control technology. The power output is perfectly matched with the working condition, and is widely used in the fields of cement, nonferrous metals, coal, metallurgy and mining. Komatsu pcm0 hydraulic excavator is customized for mining conditions. It adopts the upgraded closed central induction hydraulic system and remote monitoring and management system, which can effectively reduce fuel consumption and improve the driver's operating habits. It is commendable in intelligence

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