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Tecnobit found a cooling method for avionics packaging equipment


tecnobit is an industrial and defense electronics company located in Madrid, Spain. It designed a special shell to install the avionics cockpit control system in an outer shell with a maximum size of 10cm. The figure shows this shell. This system is completely sealed without any ventilation slots. Therefore, the heat of the system must be dissipated through heat conduction, radiation and natural convection on the outer surface

used Flotherm to complete the thermal design of technobit, a compact, fully enclosed electronic packaging device,

avoiding the production of physical prototypes

unfortunately, this design concept conflicts with the trend of high heat loss and high heat dissipation of avionics equipment. It is also the design goal to reduce the weight and optimize the space of the equipment, but an effective cooling method is necessary for the reliable operation of the equipment. Thermal management may be a bottleneck for good design. Using fans is a good way to dissipate heat, but system designers generally avoid using fans to reduce the potential risk of failure. In a word, thermal management is the biggest challenge in the initial design stage of the equipment

The preliminary design of tecnobit did not meet the design requirements. Engineers of the company try to improve the internal structure of the shell to increase the heat conduction path from the element to the shell. At the same time, tecnobit design team added some fins on the outer surface of the shell, thereby strengthening the heat exchange between the shell and the surrounding fluid. Sand blasting and electrostatic spraying further increase the convection and radiation heat transfer capacity of the spring fatigue testing machine, which is connected by electromechanical and reducer cam to drive the connecting rod to move back and forth


tecnobit engineers used the 3D thermal simulation software Flotherm to complete the steady-state and transient heat flow simulation of the equipment, and simulated the thermal performance after the application of various enhanced heat exchange measures (Figure). Simulation analysis replaces the traditional design method of tecnobit, and the previous practice requires sample preparation and testing of each improved scheme

natural convection section cloud diagram of tecnobit products, showing the corresponding temperature and velocity values


without establishing a physical model, all aviation equipment shell schemes have been evaluated. The simulation results can enable tecnobit engineers to quickly optimize the thermal design of the equipment, while monitoring the impact of design changes on the thermal characteristics of the equipment. They found Flotherm's method of describing electronic components particularly useful, because it allows engineers to use both simple thermal parameters in the component specification and 3D detailed models of important components

Eelcee has conducted extensive experiments on various preforms with different material combinations and shape configurations.

compared with the original scheme, tecnobit's team finally reduced the temperature of the components by 40oC. Today, Flotherm has become the standard thermal design tool of tecnobit, and the thermal design engineers of tecnobit recognize the powerful thermal simulation function and ease of use of Flotherm


the powerful and easy-to-use CFD simulation software has been embedded in MCAD, providing a fast and effective design tool for today's aviation products

if not most, at least many aircraft parts can benefit from flow analysis, such as aviation fuel, supersonic flow or heat exchanger heat exchange. With the help of some mentor graphics' floefd, Flotherm and other easy-to-use and affordable software, aviation engineers can make correct design decisions during the warranty period in the early stage of product development. When the product cost and development time need to be considered, the best solution can be obtained by using these hydrodynamic simulation tools. (end)

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