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On March 25, udesk, a provider of intelligent customer experience solutions, announced that it had completed the c+ round of financing of 250million yuan. This round of financing was invested by coat and tiger Global Fund, and the funds will be mainly used for technology research and development and promoting partnership. So far, udesk has obtained nearly 700million yuan of financing

Yibang power learned that udesk (Beijing Wofeng times data Technology Co., Ltd.) was founded in July 2014 to provide enterprise customers with intelligent customer service experience solutions relying on cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence technologies. As of August 2019, enterprises have paid more than 8000 customers

udesk coo Cheng Junlai said that although the epidemic affected the beginning of 2020, the company's overall strategy and goals remained unchanged. We will continue to break through the world's top 500 enterprise customers, promote products such as retail consumer goods, great health and education, which have fallen from the highest of more than 50000 tons to 10000-20000 tons, and will launch new products to improve the company's product matrix and provide customers with more perfect solutions

in this special period, what does udesk rely on to get the favor of capital? What are the advantages of SaaS' business model

01 scientific and technological anti epidemic

community is the key link to win the epidemic prevention war. During the peak period of return trip, community personnel need to check a large number of people returning to the city, which is under great pressure. Cheng Junlai told Yibang power that after learning about this situation, udesk provided voice robots and epidemic screening systems for 15 cities in 8 provinces (municipalities directly under the central government) of Beijing, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hunan, Shandong, Jilin, Hubei and Chongqing free of charge, and helped community workers in various regions complete the health screening of more than 3 million people

we learned at that time that many community personnel had to make more than 800 return visits every day to do epidemic screening, and they were too tired. So we took the initiative to contact the Community streets in Shanghai, Beijing and Hubei to provide them with voice robots and epidemic screening systems. Technicians quickly tested the robot and officially launched it within three days

epidemic detection call records

it is reported that 200 robots can complete the call in 5 minutes and produce statistical results, while it takes two to three hours for manual singles. The epidemic screening system can conduct automatic data analysis through customized templates, which can screen high-risk groups and focus on follow-up, significantly improving work efficiency

outbound call task statistical report

in addition, udesk has also built an internal shared service center and customized enterprise health screening system to provide customers with free use

we have a customer in Shenzhen, called hainengda, who uses our system to serve their external customers. However, during the epidemic period, because they cannot return to work in time, employees face various problems such as it and finance, and there is no internal system to support, so we find the system we hope to serve internal employees online. Starbucks and Wuxi apptec also face similar problems. We have launched the internal shared service center for them urgently. Cheng Jun said

the customer service system of some customers uses the traditional it local deployment mode, that is, the customer server and customer service personnel are used to provide services. However, due to the inability to work centrally during the epidemic, the quality of customer service of enterprises has been affected

in this regard, Cheng Junlai said that because the original traditional model could not support the business, these enterprises realized the advantages of SaaS model. The cloud call center of udesk is based on the distributed mode of interconnection. As long as the customer service personnel have a computer and can access it at home, they can directly start working and serve customers

02 behind the 700 million yuan financing

public information shows that udesk received AA angel investment in June 2014, 30 million yuan of a+ round financing in July 2015, 100 million yuan of B round financing in July 2016, and 300 million yuan of C round financing in September 2018. Up to now, nearly 700million yuan of financing has been obtained

Cheng Junlai told Yibang power that in addition to in-depth technology research and development, packaging products and expanding cooperation, the new round of financing may also involve mergers and acquisitions, and promote the international layout of the company. We are doing research on some domestic high-quality SaaS companies, hoping to take this opportunity to have business integration and development together. In addition, it will make investment and business layout in some regions outside Asia Pacific and China

Cheng Junlai believes that the company's smooth financing development is mainly due to its adherence to what it has always done. There are three things we insist on doing internally: adhering to the SaaS business model, adhering to medium and large customers, and adhering to technology and product innovation. Therefore, it can achieve the leading technology, which makes the whole business data of the company continue to grow and develop healthily

talking about the core advantages of the company, he said there were four main points

first, the ability of technology commercialization. We have applied AI and Bi technologies to the whole scene of customer service. We can meet the universality of customers. 1. We must ensure its accuracy and make products well. For SaaS enterprises, as long as your products can solve customers' actual problems, customers are willing to pay for it

second, the ability of product matrix. At present, udesk has formed products that serve online and offline, pre-sales and after-sales, internal and external, and complete the coverage of the whole chain of products to form a matrix. With the product matrix, when we see the products with the first growth curve, we can carry out the second growth and the third growth, and lead the product layout of the long curve through intelligent manufacturing

the last two points are application scenario and industry personalization. We continue to incubate many new application scenarios, and have made many personalized solutions for different industries to empower customers. With years of experience, we can provide more in-depth understanding and insight into various industries

he said that investors' feedback mainly saw the following advantages of udesk

first of all, investors see that the company's growth, renewal, profit, operating efficiency and other indicators are in a benign stage. Second, the customer service market is large and has a high ceiling. At present, udesk can be in a leading position. Third, our customer base structure has been adjusted very well. After years of technology and product upgrading, we have established mature brands and deposited many high-quality medium and large customers. At present, there are nearly 50 customers of the world's top 500 enterprises and nearly 80 customers of China's top 500 enterprises

udesk customers are distributed in all walks of life (screenshot from udesk officials)

03 SaaS industry growth accelerated

talking about the thinking brought by the epidemic to the entire SaaS industry, Cheng Junlai said that the most important thing is that the more difficult times, enterprises should pay more attention to customer service and cannot reduce the quality of services. Once customers are lost at this critical moment, it will be difficult to get them back at the end of the epidemic

how to do a good job in customer service? In fact, many enterprises are facing office and recruitment problems. SaaS enterprises should use the intelligent way of cloud to help customers solve problems, reduce costs and increase efficiency. We should still pay attention to service. The more difficult things are, the less we can reduce the service quality. The loss of customers is not worth the loss

from the perspective of the industry, it will still develop positively in the future, and the growth rate may be obvious

many years ago, people paid more attention to the cost performance of products rather than services when shopping, so the customer experience department was in a marginal position in the company, but now it has become one of the core teams, because customers prefer personalized services from the enterprise, and enterprises also pay more and more attention to services and deep interaction with customers. In the future, enterprises will increase investment in this area and purchase third-party customer service and experience products to solve and improve their own service problems. I think this trend is becoming more and more obvious

saas' business model characteristics are also the basis of industry growth

unlike the traditional 2B, all customers actually use SaaS enterprise products, so the whole scale effect has the opportunity to do well. Everyone can concentrate on polishing products and serving more customers. At the same time, the way of renting and annual payment gives customers the option. In the past few years, if your products or services are not good, customers may replace you at any time, which also allows enterprises to retain for customers and constantly improve the quality of products and services

Cheng Junlai said that a lot of work we do is to continue to invest and iterate products, because the relationship between enterprises and customers is no longer a one-piece deal in the past, but a deeply connected and interactive relationship. Not only SaaS, business models in other fields are actually developing in this direction. Therefore, we should be highly sensitive to the market and customer needs, respond in time, and continue to meet customer needs

in addition, SaaS is a very healthy business model with a clear growth curve. Because there are payment statistics every year, old customers have re purchases and additional purchases, plus new customers, this is a business model that is easy to make a growth curve. I think this is also one of the main reasons why everyone has said that they want to invest in industrial interconnection and SaaS in recent years

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