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The 10th domestic and foreign printing, packaging and binding machinery exhibition opens

on October 10, the 10th domestic and foreign printing, packaging and binding machinery exhibition opens. The following is the speech delivered by Ms. Lin Shuping, general manager of China India packaging equipment city at the opening ceremony:

"Today is the 10th exhibition and the 5th anniversary celebration of the opening of China India packaging equipment city. I am very excited. In these five years, for the sake of the company today, we have led the company's employees to work hard, experienced ups and downs, and experienced ups and downs. The packaging equipment City has grown from small to large, from weak to strong, and has grown to its current scale. It is with many manufacturers and the majority of pressure and Drucker differential pressure transmitters that occupy the leading role in the market The support and help of customers are inseparable, especially in our most difficult times, all manufacturers, out of their trust and understanding of us, support us as always, and work together with us to make us stand up stronger, step by step, step by step. Taking this opportunity, I sincerely thank you for your support and help. Please accept my sincere thanks! Thank you

due to the development of national policies and forms, the printing machinery industry has come to a great opportunity, and the market demand and investment are extremely favorable. Therefore, domestic printing machinery manufacturers should work together to expand the popularity of the printing machinery industry by using various forms of publicity and exhibitions, and work together to build a pioneer group in the printing machinery industry. I hope that in their future work, More vigorously support the work of our company

2005 was a bumper year for the printing machinery industry. From the beginning of the year to now, we have traded hundreds of machines. The sales price is over one million yuan. Our goal this year is to complete the sales of 10million yuan. To achieve this goal, everyone present needs to work together. This is the best opportunity for us to win-win and mutual benefit

"the prototype of the fuselage produced by this technology will show at the upcoming Paris air show that the reason why the printing and packaging equipment city can stably adhere to the professional super market in the region when the northern theory was established is that our company has a group of elite soldiers and strong generals, who integrate delivery, installation and post-sale service, 24-hour service, free installation and debugging. With the development of the market, they also gradually grow and mature, I hope our employees will work harder, master more skills, and become rare technical talents in the printing and packaging equipment city. Here, I want to sincerely thank my employees for your hard work

we always adhere to the purpose of the enterprise; With trustworthy products, high-quality services, reasonable prices, market-oriented, win the satisfaction of new and old customers. During the exhibition, please forgive me for not taking good care of you! Now, I declare the opening of the 10th domestic and foreign printing, packaging and binding machinery exhibition! "

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