The 10th China Shanghai international advertising,

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"The 10th Shanghai International Exhibition of advertising, printing, packaging and paper industry in China" concluded successfully.

how is the implementation of the Convention by Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shanghai Advertising Association, and the flexographic printing profession of China Printing Association? The 10th China Shanghai international advertising, printing, packaging and paper industry exhibition, jointly sponsored by the committee, Shanghai Institute of printing technology, Shanghai paper society and Shanghai Gray Business Development Co., Ltd., also has high elongation and toughness, was successfully concluded on June 15, 2002

this exhibition created Shanghai advertising Printing packing. The ten "tops" in the history of the paper exhibition are the latest exhibition venues, the largest scale, the most distinctive exhibition theme, the largest number of exhibitors, the highest quality of exhibitors, the most advanced exhibits, the richest content of the seminar, the largest number of visitors, the most enthusiastic response of exhibitors and the highest evaluation of the exhibition

Shanghai international advertising Printing packing. The paper industry exhibition began in 1993. These new medical technologies all need biodegradable high molecular materials for support. When meeting the tolerance requirements of various motion characteristic parameters, the exhibition area of the exhibition was 3000 square meters, with 83 exhibitors participating, 7000 professional visitors and a transaction amount of 2.84 million US dollars. After nine years of development, by the time of this exhibition in 2002, the exhibition area had reached 40000 square meters, the number of exhibitors was 621, the number of professional visitors reached 96000, and the transaction amount was US $71million

looking at the categories of professional visitors of this exhibition, printing factories accounted for 28%, packaging factories 19%, paper products factories 12%, advertising companies 10%, and publishing houses, newspapers, machinery manufacturers also accounted for a certain proportion

with the successful holding of the "10th China Shanghai advertising, printing, packaging and paper industry exhibition" and China's smooth accession to the WTO, China will usher in a more open economic and trade environment. It is expected that the next exhibition will achieve greater success. In July 2003, the opportunity for success will beckon to more enterprises

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