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The 10th market seminar of glass enterprises in East China and other regions was held in Tengzhou, Shandong Province on November 12, 2013. The 10th market seminar of glass enterprises in East China and other regions was held in Tengzhou, Shandong Province. This meeting was organized by Shandong Jinjing Technology Co., Ltd. and a total of 17 Enterprises and institutions in East China and other regions were invited to participate. Mr. Zhang Jingtao, senior consultant of China building glass and Industrial Glass Association, and Mr. Zhou Zhiwu, deputy secretary general, attended the meeting and made important speeches on the situation of the whole glass industry and the relevant national policies on the glass industry

at first, Mr. Cao tingfa, general manager of Shandong Jinjing Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a welcome speech, and then Jiangsu China Resources Group, the organizer of the last meeting, informed the market situation in East China and other regions and the price implementation of enterprises since the last meeting. Subsequently, the participating enterprises respectively reported their production, operation and inventory, as well as their views on the market situation before only replacing the sensor, and put forward constructive suggestions on the next market trend

China construction glass and industrial glass achieved the scope production on the basis of the completion of small and medium-sized tests. Zhou Zhiwu, the Executive Deputy Secretary General of the glass association, informed the national "guiding opinions on resolving the contradiction of serious overcapacity" and the association's ideas on the next step to implement the spirit of the document. All enterprises discussed their views in combination with their own enterprise conditions

after full discussion, the participants reached the following consensus on the next market trend, jointly maintaining the regional market order, and maintaining the production and operation of enterprises:

1. The current overall economic situation and momentum are good, which provide conditions for the operation improvement of the glass industry. The implementation effect of the national policy of resolving excess capacity and strengthening environmental protection is obvious, The benign development of the glass industry is worth looking forward to

2. Affected by the national environmental protection policies and the rising prices of resource products, the costs of glass production enterprises have increased to varying degrees, and the cost pressure has increased. The actual situation needs the joint maintenance of all enterprises to promote the healthy development of the glass market

3. Strengthen communication and cooperation among participating enterprises, correctly and rationally respond to market changes, reasonably adjust product structure, and avoid homogeneous product competition. Stand at the height of maintaining the interests of the industry and market order to unify understanding and stabilize the market

4. At present, the rigid demand in the market is still strong 1 The data synchronization can be displayed on the microcomputer and the dial. All enterprises have good shipments and low inventories. All enterprises seize the current opportunity to maintain the market order in their respective regions

5. The next meeting will be held by Saudi Arabia Glass Group in December. Zhonghua glass () Department

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