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The 10th Dalian International Plastics and rubber industry exhibition

exhibition time: May 16-18, 2012 exhibition venue: Dalian World Expo Plaza

organizer: Dalian Municipal People's Government

organizer: Dalian Branch of China Council for the promotion of international trade, Dalian International Chamber of Commerce Exhibition Company

co organizer: plastic pipe professional committee of China Plastics Association China Plastics Association artificial leather and synthetic leather professional committee

China Plastics Association profile and door and window products professional committee, China Plastics Association plastic additives professional committee

China Plastics Association rigid PVC low foaming new lithium-ion power battery unit specific energy exceeds 300 watt hours/kg; The specific energy of the system will strive to reach 260 watt hours/kg, and the cost will be reduced to less than 1 yuan/watt hour. The board professional committee, the plastic wood products professional committee of China Plastics Association, and the plastic recycling Professional Committee of China Plastics Association support units: Beijing plastics industry association, Tianjin Plastics Industry Association, Shanghai plastics industry association

Jiangsu plastics processing industry association, Zhejiang Plastics Industry Association Anhui Plastic Association

Fujian Plastic Industry Association, Jiangxi Plastic Industry Association, Shandong plastic Association

Guangdong Plastic Industry Association, Taizhou Plastic Industry Association Wenzhou Plastic Industry Association

Shenzhen plastic industry association

plastic industry event exhibition, exchange, negotiation and cooperation

joint cooperation - "Dalian international plastic and rubber industry exhibition" is a Chinese plastic industry event jointly hosted by China plastic processing industry Association and Dalian Municipal People's government

plastic industry link ----- plastic raw materials, plastic machinery, equipment, plastic molds, plastic products processing, plastic application market, etc. gather in Dalian

potential market of plastic materials huge business opportunities

Plastic raw materials - the rise of Northeast Asia

the three northeastern provinces are located in the center of Northeast Asia, with obvious regional advantages and resource channels. The industrial foundation is strong. In the national plastic market, plastic raw materials produced by large petrochemical enterprises such as Daqing Petrochemical, Jinhua, Liaohua and Jihua occupy an important position; Dalian is the core of the international shipping center in Northeast Asia, and is also becoming an important plastic products processing and machinery manufacturing base in Northeast China. The plastic processing output of the northeast old industrial base accounted for 10% of the country in the first half of 2011

plastic manufacturing industry - Bohai Rim exhibition

Liaodong Peninsula is one of the two wings of the Bohai rim economic circle. The development of the plastic industry in five provinces, autonomous regions and two cities around the Bohai Sea has formed a strong growth, and the plastic processing output has accounted for 15% of the market share in the first half of 2011. Plastic processing enterprises in 14 cities around the Bohai Sea will jointly display new technologies and new markets of plastics around the Bohai Sea

The formation of plastic futures market -- the listing of plastic futures in Dalian Commodity Exchange will bring new opportunities to China's plastic industry. Dalian Commodity Exchange launched plastic futures, forming the international plastic market price in China. Hydraulic universal testing machine is a wind vane for what should be paid attention to in the actual operation process

well known enterprises are growing rapidly - Dalian now has more than 300 plastic and rubber related enterprises, and a large number of well-known processing enterprises such as Sinopec, West Pacific Petrochemical, Dalian Rubber and plastic machinery, Shide group, etc

style of the last session

-- diplomatic envoys from the United States, Russia, the Czech Republic, Egypt and Zambia in China, but if they are used too frequently, more than 2000 people from Japan, South Korea, India, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and at home and abroad attended the opening ceremony. With an exhibition area of 40000 square meters, 1700 booths, 900 enterprises, 30000 visitors, 31 trade delegations at home and abroad, and 12 special sessions of various forums and fairs. During the exhibition, the cooperation intention contract signed was 220 million yuan, and the formal contract was 10.58 million yuan

2011 Dalian international plastic and rubber exhibition will be the most professional and largest plastic event in Northeast China and the Bohai Rim region, and also one of the important ways for Chinese and foreign enterprises to enter Northeast China, the Bohai Rim Economic Zone and Northeast Asia. We welcome friends at home and abroad to visit Dalian, the most beautiful coastal city in northern China, to seek business opportunities and create brilliance in order to promote exchanges and cooperation in the rubber and plastic industry

exhibition scope

1. Plastic processing and molding equipment: injection molding machine, hollow blow molding machine, rubber injection machine, film blowing machine, extruder and extrusion production line, single/twin-screw extruder, plastic pipe production line, laser marking machine, inkjet printer, cleaning machine and other equipment

2. Plastic auxiliary equipment and accessories: dehumidification dryer, crusher, color mixer, pelletizer, automatic feeding machine, packer, body fitting packaging machine, sealing machine, silk screen printing machine, pad printer, bronzing machine, bar code printer, various plastic molds, label printing machines and other industrial conveying equipment, turnover boxes and turnover equipment

3. Rubber processing machinery and equipment: rubber mixer, vulcanizer, internal mixer

4. Raw materials and products: various plastic raw materials, resins and coatings, rubber and chemical products, additives and various industrial lubricants

5. Various seals: mechanical seals, foaming seals, gaskets, special rubber gaskets, silicone strips, transparent strips, dust strips, rotating seals, O-rings, star rings, rectangular rings and various oil seals

booth charge: standard booth (3 × 3M), 6000 yuan/piece

bare land (36 square meters from rent), 600 yuan/square meter. In addition, the special decoration management fee of 15 yuan/square meter must be paid to the exhibition hall


exhibition time: May 13-15, 2012

exhibition time: May 16-18, 2012

opening ceremony: May 16, 2012 9:00

removal time: May 18, 2012 16:30

exhibition procedures

1) all units applying for exhibition, please fill in the "Exhibition Application Form" as required and fax it to the organizer as soon as possible

2) the organizer shall notify the exhibitors in writing of the location of the booth and its booth number according to the requirements of the "Exhibition Application Form"

3) according to the principle of selecting the location in the order of payment, it is hoped that after receiving the booth notice, if the exhibitors agree to the arrangement of the booth, they should immediately remit the money, and then fax the money order to the organizer

4) exhibitors should remit the booth fee or 50% of the deposit to the organizing committee within five working days after registration, otherwise the reserved booth will be cancelled automatically, and the balance will be made up before April 15, 2012

contact: Zhao Hongxu: Fax:/

confirmation form of the 10th Dalian international plastic and Rubber Exhibition

* after the booth is confirmed, please remit the booth fee to the following account within five working days, And fax the remittance slip to the exhibition organizing committee

address: room 004, Wanda Building, No. 9 Jiefang street, Zhongshan District, Dalian, which fully meets the environmental protection requirements

postal code: 116001

Tel: 0411 -

collection account: Dalian International Chamber of commerce exhibition company

Fax: 0411 -

deposit bank: Dalian Zhongshan branch of China CITIC Bank

Contact: Zhao Hongxu


email: zhaohongxu_ Dl@

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