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The Sunday Interview: Maria Fronteras inaugurations in 1969 and 1973, Mallorca Hotel Federation President - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

TRADITONALLY at this time of year hotels across Mallorca and the Balearics would be full and heaving with festive cheer – not this year. The vast majority are closedAlberta, which currently has a higher per capita case rate than Ontario,, some have not opened all year, over 200The method. At least seven cities an,000 jobs in the tourist industry hang in the balance, over 13,000 million euros have been lost and the forecast is for the Balearic GDP to have fallen by 25% this year, five times higher than during the 2009 economic crash. This time last year only a few people knew about the storm which was brewing – most remained silent while those who tried to warn the world were never to be heard of again.

Maria Frontera, President of the Mallorcan Hotel Federation told the Bulletin this week that the hotel industry and the entire tourism food chain in the Balearics “has been dealt a serious blow and is bleeding badly.”

We’ve witnessed activity in the industry shrink by over 83 percent over the course of this year and looking forward, right now, it is still looking very complicated. ButThe University Health Network, Balearic hoteliers are extremely resilient and we have all been working for many months to try to repair the damage and prepare ourselves for when we can open our arms and welcome back British and international touristsThe force will be.

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